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Jun 01, 2020 BlueMagic Group

Hair Transplant Before and After Turkey

Unlimited methods have been tried in Turkey to replace the natural hair of a person. However, nothing has been as successful as a hair transplant. Hair transplantation is one of the significant advancements in the field of medical science. Medications and hair products are yet to achieve the success that is comparable to hair transplantation. People looking for a permanent solution to hair loss should consider visiting a hair transplant surgery Turkey clinic. The process will allow you to be more confident about your looks.

What is hair transplantation surgery?

A hair transplant is a process in which a surgeon attaches the hair to a bald patch on the person’s head. Usually, the surgeon will move hair from the thicker parts of the scalp or other parts of the body to the front of the head or the balding patch. You can find several hair-transplant before and after Turkey images where the patient got a whole new look. It is here that clinics like The BlueMagic Group come into the picture.

What are the different types of hair transplants?

There are several methods for hair transplantation like scalp reduction, strip harvesting, FUE Hair transplant, and FUT Hair transplant. Of these, the latter two are the more advanced techniques.

  • FUE Hair transplant: The Follicular Unit Extraction process involves extracting donor hair in a follicular unit. In the FUE hair transplant surgery, the skin around a follicular unit is isolated from its surrounding tissue. The unit is then extracted from the scalp directly. The BlueMagic Group is an expert in FUE Hair Transplantation Techniques. The hair transplant before and after Turkey images on their website are proof of their success.
  • FUT Hair Transplant: The Follicular Unit Transplantation is a process of surgery where hair transplantation is done in the bald area or where thinning hair is taking place. It is usually done by removing hair from the back of the head as this area is not prone to balding. This process mimics the natural growth of hair.

What are the steps in a hair transplant?

The steps in a hair transplantation procedure are mentioned below:

  1. Administering local anesthesia to the patient
  2. Extracting the grafts from the donor area
  3. Initiating the process of slitting in the recipient/balding area
  4. Implanting the hair follicles at the receiving area
  5. Platelet Rich Plasma therapy to ensure the healing and the growth of the newly implanted hair follicles
  6. Provide instructions for care for hair transplant after surgery.


Who should go for a hair transplant?

A hair transplant helps you in improving your physical appearance and boost your self-confidence. Below are the category of people who should go for a hair transplant-

  • Males who are suffering from pattern baldness
  • Women with a problem of thinning hair
  • Any person who has lost hair due to a burn or an injury to the scalp 

What should we look for in a hair transplant clinic?

There are several clinics in Turkey that provide you with the option of hair transplant surgery in Turkey. However, you must be careful while selecting the clinic where you will get a hair transplant done. Below are a few things which you should keep in mind while choosing the clinic you will visit for a hair transplant: 

  • The Hair Implantation techniques should guarantee 100% natural results to the patient.
  • The clinic should guarantee more than 90% graft survival ratio for the dense hair along with natural results.
  • The clinic should follow a non-invasive process to deliver the best outcome without any cuts, pain, scars, or stitches to the patient.
  • Only trained master surgeons carry out the hair transplants.
  • The safety of the patient should be the top-most priority. To ensure that, they should use single-use and high-precision instruments. 
  • The clinic should make use of the latest techniques in the industry. All the packages for the patient must be at an affordable cost.
  • The clinic should have good reviews from its previous patients.
  • The clinic should have a global presence across various countries. This would ensure the brand quality of the clinic.

Why should you choose the BlueMagic Clinic?

With more than 15 years of experience in the medical industry and with an accreditation from the JCI, the BlueMagic Clinic has become the go-to place if anyone wants a hair transplant surgery Turkey. They have reputed specialists in hair transplant in Turkey. They ensure long-lasting results and take care to look into the intricate details of every procedure. Thus, they guarantee a successful hair transplant and the best hair restoration experience to their patients. Look up their website for some hair transplant before and after Turkey images to see the results.
The BlueMagic Clinic uses the latest and the most advanced technology in the medical field to treat their patients. They have intensively trained medical professionals. Along with world-class services at competitive prices, they also provide travel and accommodation options in Istanbul for their patients. Thus, a hair transplant after surgery from the BlueMagic Clinic might be the permanent solution that you are looking for to prevent your hair fall.

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