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Jun 24, 2020 BlueMagic Group

Is Istanbul Hair Transplant Worth The Cost?

One of the most beautiful cities in this world & a hotspot for the tourists known as “Istanbul” from Turkey is known for more than just its amusing beauty & the yummy delicious Turkish delights. 

Istanbul is head steady popular for Hair transplant, as per the research there are many people who visit the country with a desire to attain healthy and beautiful strands on their head. 

In this particular article, we are here discussing what makes Istanbul Hair Transplant worth the cost. 

We all are aware that Turkey is famous for its medical treatment, especially related to hair transplantation. If you want to know how much a hair transplant costs in Istanbul; then to let you know that it is also known to be cost-effective compared to European countries. 

As per the research, there are about more than 5000 people in a year visits the region of Istanbul hair transplant, you will see many people on the streets of turkey where people are walking with a white head bandage on their heads, no wonder that they’ve recently undergone a hair transplant. 

If research a bit about the cost of hair transplantation in Turkey, you will realise that the cost of hair transplant in Istanbul costs around $1500 to $3000 depending on the number of hair planted follicles, which ranges from around 1000 to 6500 hair follicle. Many centers in Turkey performs this implantation of hair and transplant in several sessions and few sessions take around approximately 6-9 hours. 

In a recent survey, we came across a traveler who had recently visited Turkey for his hair transplant, we tried talking to him yet he chose to stay anonymous. 

When asked, “Why he chose Turkey as his ultimate destination for Hair Transplant he said”…

“I just heard good things about Turkey, especially about Istanbul. My friend has also been in the city and I decided to come here when I saw the results,” said the man, who is in his 20s.

As per the research, Turkey is rated as the most popular destination for hair transplants, according to Suhan Ayhan, the head of the Turkish Society of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery.

According to a renown plastic surgeon Emirali Hamiloğlu, it has been stated that around 1,500 hair transplant surgeries take place across the country every day. 

Coming down to the kind of quality we get in Turkey for hair transplant, below are some high in demand services provided by the Bluemagiclinic in Istanbul. 

  • MICRO FUE SAPPHIRE Hair Transplants Treatment

This particular hair transplant in Istanbul Turkey, is entirely safe, painless as compared to other treatments and minimally invasive. The experts use the latest medical grade equipment and these are industry-approved methods given to every client depending on their desired requirement. 

This particular treatment focuses on individual follicular units that consist of one of the four hairs and are extracted from a donor site, usually taken from the neck, back of the head and implanted into an area with thin hair. This is similar to the FUT method.

The speciality of this treatment is that it does not require the entire removal of strips from the skin and only leaves unnoticeable scars on the donor area.

  • DHI CHOI Pen Hair Transplant Treatment

This specific treatment is designed to be extremely safe and painless while giving you beautiful and natural-looking results with a great density. 

This treatment is popular among both Men & Women. This treatment can be used for several parts of the body including eyebrow, beard, moustache and general hair restoration. It is known as one of the best Istanbul hair transplants

This specific treatment makes use of the “CHOI PEN” which is referred to give you the best results when it comes to quality and quantity both.

This instrument is just like a pen that allows more natural outcome and increases the survival rate of the follicle after being implanted on the head. 

At BlueMagic Group, we use the latest Choi Pen technology in our DHI procedures to ensure the best possible experience for our clients.

  • Platelet Rich Plasma Hair Transplant Treatment

This amazing therapy is completely nourishing and provides you with amazingly beautiful and thick locks on your head. This procedure makes use of your blood to stimulate the hair growth resulting in thicker, fuller hair. 

The treatment follows by carefully injecting platelet-rich plasma collected from your body and putting it directly into your scalp. These platelets release proteins which triggers an inflammatory response and help your hair growth to stimulate and encourages faster growth for good looking hair, Naturally! 

This particular therapy comes with some advantages which are:

  1. Gives you better healing & faster recovery

The specialized regenerative properties of the platelet pumps which will be given to you would increase the entire number of platelets in your tissues, it will help you heal & recover faster from the surgery. 

  1. Say “No” to scars

Its healing properties will also reduce the appearance of dot-like scarring following the transplant. 

  1. Swelling? No more

This therapy would reduce the swelling which will affect the procedure to increase. 

  1. Bye-Bye to Bruise

This special therapy can help you decrease the chances of bruising by improving the blood clotting factors in your tissue. 

  1. Hello to New & Natural Hair Growth! 

Irrespective of the hair transplant needs, our PRP therapy would boost your hair growth and give you thick and naturally long locks that you’ve always desired. 

If you plan for Hair Transplant, you need to understand the difference in between these treatments; and to know that a proper consultation from the exert doctor is a must. 


So YES! After such a thorough R&D we’ve come up to a conclusion that yes, Istanbul hair transplant is worth the cost. 

During your initial consultations, your physician would understand your body type and try to determine which transplantation method would be best for you based on your requirement and hair loss clarification. 
We at Bluemagic with a team of expert doctors would try to refine the best package for you, once you visit our website www.bluemagiclinic.com you will realise that we offer you to book a FREE consultation! Also, we offer you easy & tailored finance solutions so that you get the hairstyle you’ve always desired for!

What is the DHI hair transplant technique?

Direct Hair Transplant procedure or DHI is the most advanced hair transplantation procedure. In DHI, hair follicles are extracted from the donor area. Follicles are carefully taken one by one using a very fine extractor that has a diameter less than or equal to 1mm. The hair is then directly positioned using a single-use implanter on the treatment region. DHI’s implanter pen provides the surgeon with full access over direction, depth, and angle, assuring natural solutions.

The DHI hair transplant method is a painless treatment, operated using precise micro-surgical equipment. The advantage of DHI is that each hair follicle is placed at a specific depth and angle. So, it completely gives natural results while retaining the utmost hair color density.

How much dhi hair transplant cost?

DHI Treatment cost will be based on the following factors:

  • Hair loss conditions
  • Number of strands required to cover bald areas
  • Texture, color
  • Characteristics of the donor’s hair

The DHI hair transplant treatment session usually lasts for around a couple of hours. However, in a few peculiar cases, more sessions are employed to attain the desired results.

To know the exact cost of a DHI hair transplant, a brief discussion and assessment of the patient’s hair condition are needed. 

Types of DHI hair transplant process:

The most common question asked by clients who are aiming to undergo hair transplant surgery is whether they need to shave their heads completely for this procedure. There are actually different types of hair transplant surgeries. 


  1. Fully shaved by both donor and recipient.
  2. Only shaved donor 
  3. Partially shaved on a small undetectable area if needed
  4. Unshaved or transplant without shaving

An unshaven hair transplant, aka dhi hair transplant without shaving, is the most preferred option when undergoing hair treatment. As humans, hair is a part of our personality by which we define ourselves. So it’s not astonishing why people prefer hair transplantation without shaving their heads. But, we have noticed numerous people being misled in the name of a hair transplant without shaving. 

Let’s find it out.

Dhi hair transplant without shaving:

In this technique of dhi hair transplant without shaving, there will be no visible sign of any patch as the area gets covered by pre-existing hair. Choi Pen technology is a very specialized technique that is used for a hair transplant without shaving.

The client who proceeds with hair transplantation without shaving treatment is assured absolutely zero shavings or clipping of a single hair strand, regardless of the length. This gives you the confidence to resume your normal activities the very next day without any distress over appearance change. 

Dhi hair transplant review.

Dhi hair transplant is a very safe technique with mild chances of complications. The process guarantees a 95% success rate. It is a painless procedure, and it has no side-effects.

Within a few weeks, you will attain long-lasting natural hair growth.

Many patients who have undergone this process highly recommend it as it’s very simple and easy to go through with.

If you are someone suffering from a receding hairline, then you can also take this treatment.

Dhi hair process also helps in increasing your hair volume to twice that of initial thickness.

Dhi hair transplant without shaving captures attention as it assures the permanence of the transplanted hair.


Why choose the BlueMagic Clinic?

They are pioneers in the field of dhi hair transplantation treatments in Turkey. The group implements the methods that are JCI and FDA accredited with a golden lifetime guarantee.

With more than 15+ years of experience, their diligent experts leave no stone unturned for giving you the best hair-care experience.

BlueMagic Clinics use the latest Choi Pen technology for delivering the best hair transplantation.

Choi Pen is a specialized method wherein a tool is used to implant hair follicles directly into the scalp region after being extracted from the donor.

This higher precision technique speeds up the processing time. The procedure usually takes up 6 to 8 hours, depending on the number of grafts needed for the client. So, you only need a day to regenerate your fresh hair.

Don’t hesitate to visit your nearest Blue Magic Clinic to experience the best customer-client service! It is the best one-stop destination for dhi hair transplant in Turkey.

Go back home with a ton of confidence and flaunt your hairstyles happily.

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