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How Do You Fix a Failed Hair Transplant?

Hair transplantation is a technique to regrow hair through a surgical process. Not all hair transplants have a 100% success rate. It may go wrong when the procedure is carried out by unskilled professionals,  in non-accredited clinics. Good news: These cases can be fixed as well. This article will be focused on two things: what are the reasons for hair transplantation failures, and how a failed hair transplant can be fixed.

Why do hair transplants fail?

The hair transplants fail if a significant number of the transplanted hairs do not establish in the new location and grow normally and permanently following the recovery period.

There are specific reasons why some hair transplants fail, but they generally fall into two categories: either the transplant wasn’t performed properly (or wasn’t acceptable) in the first place, or the patient failed to follow the aftercare guidelines. In rare instances, the failure may be caused by both of these factors.

What can go wrong?

The reasons for hair transplant failure due to surgeons can be

  1. Overharvesting
  2. Poor hairline design
  3. Insufficient or incomplete transplants 
  4. Incompetent or inexperienced surgeons
  5. Unnecessary scarring 
  6. Patient unsuitability

 The reasons for hair transplant failure due to individuals can be

  1. Not taking sufficient care of newly transplanted hair
  2. Poor hygiene practices that may cause infection
  3. Scratching the scalp that results in scarring or dislodging of implants
  4. Lack of aftercare practices

Techniques to fix failed hair transplants 

The latest technique of graft camouflage is used to fix bad hair transplants. You can also go for a second hair transplant surgery if you have enough donor area.

Graft camouflage refers to the implantation of follicular units around and between old hair graft plugs and holes. By concealing these locations, the previous grafts are covered. Individuals achieve far more natural-looking hair restoration results after this procedure.

Graft Camouflage procedure

The Sapphire Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique is used by surgeons to transplant new grafts around the spotty portions of the hairline. The distribution of the grafts will be staggered in order to conceal the plugs and enhance the overall density of hair along the hairline. The number of grafts required will vary based on the needs of each individual. This technique also fixes hair transplantation scars

Precautions after hair transplantation

  1. Taking extra care of newly transplanted follicles in the days following the procedure is suggested. How well someone takes care of themselves after a hair transplant can have a big effect on how well it works.
  2. Maintain healthy recovery and care behaviors while the hair becomes established, which can take up to a year following a hair transplant.
  3. Choose a facility with a full follow-up service to ensure that you’re doing all the proper things to support your fragile new hair and to receive prompt remedial care if something goes wrong.

Final Thoughts

Fixing a failed hair transplant is possible. It can be done by employing the Sapphire FUE hair transplantation method which includes the use of the latest technology sapphire blade to create precise incisions. 

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No matter if another surgeon has tainted the essence of your hair, we will make it alright!

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