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Our Experience

More about Our Hair Transplant Services

We understand that meeting client’s expectations is the most important part of our profession, therefore we are known to treat each and every client of ours with utmost care and warmth.

Apart from delivering your heart desired results, BlueMagic Group will also give you a wonderful and relaxing experience that will consist of a 5-star accommodation, transport costs, treatment cost and all of this comes under our all-encompassing package.

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Our Services

BlueMagic Specialities

BlueMagic Group provides qualitative hair transplants to everyone in the UK and worldwide

The DHI Implantation

DHI hair transplant in Turkey is an advanced hair transplant technique that is specially designed with implanter pens to extract the follicles from the donors site and then implant those follicles directly into the targeted recipient area one by one. At BlueMagic Group, we use the latest Choi Pen technology in our DHI procedures to ensure the best possible experience for our patients.

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Beard Transplantation

A beard transplant Turkey procedure starts by taking hair from other parts of your body and then transplanted into your jawline where your beard grows.
This therapy is done by using either of these 2 treatments:
• DHI CHOI Pen treatment
• FUE treatment
Basically, we will take a follicular unit from the donor area and transplant into the recipient area. A follicular unit is a small group of several hair follicles which may emerge from the skin. Both the given treatments will take approximately 2,000 to 5,000 hair follicle grafts taken from the back of your head, side of your head or any area where the hair growth is healthy

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Micro FUE Sapphire

This package includes the MICRO FUE SAPPHIRE hair transplant to help you combat thinning hair or complete hair loss. This method involves transferring follicles from the donor site, usually the neck and above the ears, to the target site using thin, specialised tools.

This procedure is perfect for men and women, and can also be carried out on people with longer hair, depending on the number of grafts. Our MICRO FUE SAPPHIRE is carried out under local anaesthetic using the bet clinically tested tools and techniques.

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Afro Hair Transplantation

An Afro hair transplant in Istanbul, Turkey has been made while taking different personalities, characteristic into consideration from the people of different ethnics and origins.

There are several people in this world having the same type of hair, hence it is very normal for people to have different types of hair issues. To find out a way to solve their troubles, at BlueMagic Group we have introduced this new technique.

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Manual Hair Transplantation

A manual hair transplant in Turkey is also known as FUE, Follicular Unit Excision or Extraction. This is a harvesting method used in the modern hair transplant surgery in today’s date is performed using two methods, either it is FUT or strip method where a small strip of tissue is excised from the donor area, and then later the area is immediately closed by doing the needful stitches or staples, this strip is placed under a high powered microscopes and then it is dissected by the individual follicular unit grafts, later the grafts gets placed one by one into the recipient zone. Later the FUE method is the one where a small tool of around 1mm in diameter is used to carefully cut the individual follicular units in the donor area and implanted similar to the FUT method.

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Hair Transplant For Women

Our hair transplant for women in Turkey is a similar procedure to Men. Since we have several different techniques available at our clinic, we will try and understand your requirement during our initial consultations and recommend the best possible surgery for you.

The procedure of hair transplant will start from removing hair follicles from your donor area, usually it starts from the back sides of your head and transplanting or grafting those follicles in the recipient area. As per the particular hairline on the top and requirement for placing the grafts on head or scalp, we will plant the follicles in the donor area.

Since BlueMagic Group offers you advanced techniques and technologies along with the latest state-of-the-art facilities, a team of trained technicians, surgeons, doctors with wide experience to make sure that the surgery is a huge success and you get your desired look you always wanted

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Eyebrow Transplantation

An eyebrow transplant in Turkey is a cosmetic procedure in which hair grafts get transferred to the brow area so that new hair grows giving your eyebrows a fuller and better look. Our surgeons will transfer not just the individual hair but the follicles as well. This will help the new hair to grow in your eyebrows once the initial ones fall off.

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Prp Hair Treatment

To help you get the best results with your hair transplants, BlueMagic Group also offers a complimentary PRP therapy for hair loss to enhance hair growth in the transplanted follicles. This safe, minimally invasive regenerative treatment is designed to stimulate stem cell repair in the surface of the skin, making it the perfect supplementary treatment to your hair transplant. Our specialists take great care to administer PRP Therapy safely and with no risk of infection.

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About us

BlueMagic Hair Transplant Clinic in Turkey

BlueMagic Group is world famous for using the most innovative and latest technologies such as High-Quality MICRO FUE SAPPHIRE and DHI CHOI PEN hair transplant. We also have the best PRP treatment available while using the latest technology methods so that we deliver expected results to each and every client of ours

We understand that men and women have different requirements in terms of hair transplant, hence it is suitable for all and performed under the safest conditions possible in our best hair transplant clinic situated in the land of Istanbul, Turkey, apart from it, our head office is located in London and the medical office is located in Tirana, Albania.

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About Us
Before & After Results

BlueMagic Group Success

Story of Pasquale Minasi, Resident in United Kingdom, 28

I am a professional entrepreneur, Angel investor & author. Being such a successful person, i could not afford hair loss that i was suffering from at a very young age. My hair was too delicate to handle and I knew no other clinic could have done the kind of job BlueMagic Group did. I was in need of 2 sessions under DHI treatment. Well, you can see the result now for yourself! I made the best decision and i am really happy that i got my self confidence back, stronger as ever. All because of BlueMagic Group. Three Cheers to them!”

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Story of Domenico Raiola, Italy - Real estate agent - 44

“Being a real estate agent, my appearance has a lot of impact on my profession. I suffered from hair loss as my hair on the crown was thinning out very rapidly . I noticed that my hair was also thinning big time. I did so much research in various clinics based out in Turkey, and then I came across BlueMagic Group. During the first consultation itself I was impressed by their professionalism and dedication to their job. After my hair transplant and when I started to get full and healthy hair growth, I felt like a totally different person with lots of confidence. I would definitely recommend BlueMagic Group to one and all suffering from hair loss.”

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Story of Poul Ricardo, Resident in Brazil, 33

“I was suffering from receding hairlines and I realized that my hair was falling big time! I am an IT Engineer and very attentive to my appearance and I needed to change this as soon as I could, then I consulted BlueMagic Group and they happened to give me the perfect solution while reassuring me that I should proceed towards a hair transplant surgery.

I was very happy with the results I received, I got the desired hair lines back with healthy hair and density. I am satisfied and confident again about appearance. All thanks to BlueMagic Group!”

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Story of Salvatore Pinna, Resident in Italy - 45

“Being a professional individual from the Government and Health executive search sector, it is important for me to look presentable, but due to my receding hairline, I used to feel very under confident and upset. But then after doing a lot of research, I came across BlueMagic Group and after our very first consultation, I developed a trust in them because of their latest techniques and their positive online reviews. After the surgery, i must say that i was very happy that i trusted them, as i received great results and i felt very satisfied. Would totally recommend BlueMagic Group to everyone.”

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Story of Joseph Bua-Otema. Resident of United Kingdom 32 - (Underwent Afro-Hair Transplant)

“I was suffering from receding hairlines and I realized that my hair was falling big time! I am an IT Engineer and very attentive to my appearance and I needed to change this as soon as I could, then I consulted BlueMagic Group and they happened to give me the perfect solution while reassuring me that I should proceed towards a hair transplant surgery.

I was very happy with the results I received, I got the desired hair lines back with healthy hair and density. I am satisfied and confident again about appearance. All thanks to BlueMagic Group!”

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Story of Giuliano Baku, Resident in Italy - 25

“I belong to the Real Estate Industry, it was the start of my career and I started experiencing advanced hair loss at a very early age. It was very upsetting and I wanted to change it as soon as I could. I placed my bet on BlueMagic Group and trust me it was wonderful! It is the best decision I’ve ever made for myself. After going through the surgery I realized that I am getting my hair back in great density. I will surely recommend BlueMagic Group for every individual who is looking for quality and trust worthy hair transplant.”

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Patient Love Us

Patient Testimonials

Google Trustpilot Proven Expert
Customer service is 10/10

Customer service is 10/10, they explained the whole procedure in details and even went back over things I didn’t understand, answering to every question I had for my peace of mind. My experience at the Clinic was more than satisfying!

- Adam Uber
- United Kingdom
Reliable and professional clinic

In 2018, being bald is not an obligation, it’s a choice! There are many transplantation techniques that can solve an aesthetic discomfort, such as baldness.

Thanks to BlueMagic Group. I discovered a serious, reliable and professional clinic from all points of view.

- Andrea Mantovani
- Italy
Matched my expectations...

Everything was as they said it will be. They were quite helpful and professional, every single one of my questions was answered. Now the only thing we have to see is whether my hair will grow and hope it will at the soonest!

- Marija Djuric
- Serbia
Kind and honest Clinic...

Clinid member were very kind and honest. I’m Japanese…Although there had been language barriers between Turkish and Japanese, clinic members truly cared for me and my experience.
If someday I will have a second session, BlueMagic will again be my choice.

- Kazuki
- Japan
Very happy with the process!

From the very beginning, my journey from the airport to the surgery itself, including transportation and accommodation were perfect! Very happy with everything.

- Mathew Campbell
- Ireland
You need to read this!!! Very trustworthy

I can not stress enough how sceptical I was and how much research I did (hours and hours) and it all paid off by leading me to the right clinic. I can not recommend these guys enough. I believe that This clinic was the right one for me and I don’t believe any other could have achieved what they have for me.

- Joseph Bua Otema
- Uganda
Fantastic staff and timely follow-ups

BlueMagic is a well-equipped clinic for Hair Transplant. Their fantastic staff takes regular and timely follow up . I found myself at ease from the moment I got my transplant from BlueMagic.

- Giuliano Baku
- Albania
Amazed and so happy with my hair transplant

I found this company called BlueMagic Group in late 2019 for my hair transplant. I must say now is 2020 and I have had my transplant done and I am amazed and so happy with my transplant is one of the best hair transplant companies in Istanbul. The staff are so professional and caring and they really care about their patients.

- Samir Umar
- India
Thank you so much for your amazing service.

One of the best experiences in my life! Speechless of how my life has changed! I am alive again!! Highly recommended!!

- Paulo Ricardo
- Brazil
Respectful staff and best clinic

Hugely different from many other Clinics. I have been in touch with, respectful staff.

- Carlos Alvarado Mora
- Spain
Very Supportive Team!

Glad I run into this clinic, as I have always wanted to gain more confidence. They were very supportive.

- Mehdi Boudjoghra
- France
Very Satisfied!

The assistant was very professional and kind and followed me, giving me all the information I needed. I am very satisfied.

- Claudio Dorotea
- Portugal
Flexible Payment Structure

Wish to flaunt your long and thick hair with new hairstyles?

Get the desired look with our easy installment options!

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Things To Know About Hair Transplant

Your confidence in us is utmost important! We have written an entire book of information for you to understand how men and women both suffer from natural hair loss due to age, genes or any lifestyle associated factor and how a hair implantation by turkey would be the most preferred option for them.

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BlueMagic News

Get to know more about the world of hair transplant procedure and BlueMagic Group to find out which treatment would be best suited to you and your desire for thick, long hair!

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Does President Emmanuel Macron Require a Hair Transplant?

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Will Stress Destroy a Hair Transplant?

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Blog Jun 18, 2024

Bradley Cooper Hair Transplant: Unraveling the Rumors and Facts

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