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Big Thank You to Aurela and Blue Magic Group

I would like to use the opportunity to say a big “Thank You” t who represents Blue Magic Group. It’s been a very emotional journey for me. Aurela took care of me from the very first moment when I initiated the contact till the final date when surgery took place. There were ups and downs. I was scared and I had my doubts. I really wanted to get it done but I was simply terrified and some people’s negative comments put me off initially. Aurela gave me the best advice ever – “Krystian, this is your personal journey. You need to feel happy and comfortable to do it.” She was very right. The whole surgery and initial contact was my first step to be happy. Eventually, confirmed that I was going ahead with the whole procedure and surgery.
I cannot express how happy it made me nowadays. It’s been a week today since my surgery. Pain was manageable. But the most important was that I felt supported by Aurela and the whole clinical team.
Communication always took place on the highest level.
Even now, when I’m back home I feel looked after. I receive regular messages to make sure I’m doing well. Video calls and consultations. I’m absolutely speechless in positive way.
I couldn’t recommend Blue Magic Group and Aurela more. They’ve been brilliant. And everything started from Instagram and random look at their profile. It meant to be this way I believe.

- Krystian Krzeszewski
To start with I'm a very picky person...

To start with I’m a very picky person when it comes to purchasing things I usually I do long researches (not for the groceries though 🙂 , for the hair transplant I did a 9 months research until | decided to land in Blue magic clinic.
Started with the consultation with Juliana I would say it is the best consultation out of 45 different consultations I did between clinics in Istanbul and Dubai, Juliana treat her patients like a mom you don’t feel like a sales rep trying to sell you, but a mom trying to fix your problem, very caring person really care about you and your feelings finds besides giving all the right technical details, till now Juliana consistently following up to check on progress and to update me with the dos and don’ts.
I did the procedure in August 2021 it is my 4th month and so far I’m extremely satisfied. One of the things I really liked that the doctor will involve you a lot to understand how you would like the shape of your hair to looks like, I was stressing to have a natural look hair, and this is what I got, those who didn’t know I did transplant didn’t notice anything unnatural no one will stop u to check your hair and doubting that there is something wrong about it (BTW I did no shaving procedure) I recommend if you need to be back to your work and social life fast.
I’m so far progressing well with my hair, final results will be in August 2022 and I will probably write one more review.

- Ahmad Hijawi
6 months through this process

I am six months through this process, I have now a full healed of hair which is Unbelievable, I feel great and blue magic has been with me from start to finish. Blue Magic is professional and make you feel confident through the process, mean they really take after you! Eleni has been absolutely fantastic, keeping in touch every month and talking me through what to expect at every point! She has been great and so professional Completely no doubts at all! Blue Magic is magic!

- Mark Williams
Blue Magic is a life changing...

Blue Magic is a life changing experience. The staff are amazing and have high level of experience using DHI technology. They definitely went the extra mile and delivered more than was promised. Special thanks to Kejsi for her positive early engagement. She properly explained every step without overpromising and with extreme honesty to put me at comfort to select their clinic. I am extremely pleased with the overall experience including the travel and time spent in Turkey. Kejsi and her colleague Juliana have also done an awesome job in their follow up after my operation. I highly recommend the Blue Magic Group for my friends and family in USA.

- Michael Jarouche
What an experience!

I could not be happier with Blue Magic Group. It starts from the beginning with my consultant Kejsi Robaj. She is the definition of a consummate professional. She was so positive, knowledgeable, and attentive to my needs throughout the whole process! Everything Kejsi explained to me in the beginning came to fruition. Blue Magic is lucky to have someone like her representing them, what a rockstar. The clinic was super clean and the staff there was phenomenal. Being from the states they ensured | had a translator with me throughout the whole process explaining each step of the procedure, truly put my mind to ease. They went above and beyond to take care of me and truly make it an experience. All transfers were coordinated to perfection and the accommodation was perfect for someone going through this experience. | can’t say enough about how great this experience was | would enthusiastically recommend them to anyone. Thank you Kejsi, thank you Hamza and the other gents who assisted me during my time there.

- Martin Qyra
One of the best clinic in Turkey!

Very detailed consultation, we went through each step of the procedure itself and the services included. Def one of the best clinic in Turkey. The clinic was being sterilized every 20 minutes and my surgery was done by the main surgeon. Thanks

- Yusuf Sideeq & Muhammed Sajad
- Afghanistan & Bangladesh
Very Satisfied!

The assistant was very professional and kind and followed me, giving me all the information I needed. I am very satisfied.

- Claudio Dorotea
- Portugal
Honest, Kind & Professional Team

Dedicated, honest, professional, kind and amazingly effective with communication. My medical consultant was incredibly supportive with all my inquiries. I very can recommend this clinic to anyone who is looking for a life-changing experience.

- Daniel Pal
- Fiji
Overall great experience in istanbul

I enquired BlueMagic Clinic as I was interested in a hair transplant and was approached by a lovely consultant. She was very nice and professional with her job and answered every question I threw her way without any hesitation. Overall, great experience in Istanbul and I cannot wait to see the results of my hair in the upcoming

- Giovanni Dagher
- Lebanon
Very Supportive Team!

Glad I run into this clinic, as I have always wanted to gain more confidence. They were very supportive.

- Mehdi Boudjoghra
- France
Team made me feel special

I have done 1 year of researches and when I came across BlueMagic Group I understood straight away it was the right clinic. Perfect and professional consultation, modern and professional clinic. The medical team made me feel special. Now I cannot wait for my results to start being visible. Thank you to the whole team!

- Ruben Plummer
- Panama
Respectful staff and best clinic

Hugely different from many other Clinics. I have been in touch with, respectful staff.

- Carlos Alvarado Mora
- Spain
Very Professional and Helpful

I am glad I found this clinic, from start to finish everything went smoothly. The procedure went well, did not really feel any pain and I am now waiting for the results. A special mention for my consultant who has been great from the start, very professional and always helpful. If you are thinking of getting a hair transplant, check out this company, you will not be disappointed.

- Andreas Tofias
- Cyprus
Overall good experience even in COVID-19 situation

Very Good overall experience with BlueMagic Group. Upon consultation I decided to go ahead right away even under the Covid conditions, there was not an issue at all. I was assigned a Medical consultant, which I thank for the help, to guide me through the entire process and get everything organized.

- Panos Nikopolitidis
- Greece
Honest and humble

From the first day I have been replied to and assisted right away, every question of mine has been clarified and my medical consultant has made everything easier for me. My experience at the clinic was beautiful, the surgery went well and they treated me like family.

- Abel Tesfamariam
- Eritrea
Thank you so much for your amazing service.

One of the best experiences in my life! Speechless of how my life has changed! I am alive again!! Highly recommended!!

- Paulo Ricardo
- Brazil
Amazed and so happy with my hair transplant

I found this company called BlueMagic Group in late 2019 for my hair transplant. I must say now is 2020 and I have had my transplant done and I am amazed and so happy with my transplant is one of the best hair transplant companies in Istanbul. The staff are so professional and caring and they really care about their patients.

- Samir Umar
- India
I recommend this company to everyone.

I am greatly satisfied with my hair transplant. Everyone was professional and took great care of me from the moment I landed in Istanbul. My Medical Consultant was great from the beginning and she organized everything perfect.
Thanks to the doctor, all stuff for a positive experience

- Nicolae Florea
- Bulgaria
Fantastic staff and timely follow-ups

BlueMagic is a well-equipped clinic for Hair Transplant. Their fantastic staff takes regular and timely follow up . I found myself at ease from the moment I got my transplant from BlueMagic.

- Giuliano Baku
- Albania
Amazing dense results!

Hair looks natural and awesome service. My cousin and I did it 5 months ago and we are more than happy with the result, 100% recommended. If you want to be proud of your look and your hair by high qualify doctors choose BlueMagic Group. Also, we enjoyed the beautiful city of Istanbul with warm staff and 5 stars services!

- Arben & Astrit
- Macedonia
You need to read this!!! Very trustworthy

I can not stress enough how sceptical I was and how much research I did (hours and hours) and it all paid off by leading me to the right clinic. I can not recommend these guys enough. I believe that This clinic was the right one for me and I don’t believe any other could have achieved what they have for me.

- Joseph Bua Otema
- Uganda
Very happy with the process!

From the very beginning, my journey from the airport to the surgery itself, including transportation and accommodation were perfect! Very happy with everything.

- Mathew Campbell
- Ireland
Painless procedure and professional surgeons!

The procedure was painless, and the staff was very professional. I was not scared at all. The hotel has been the best I have ever seen in my life. The surgeon and his medical team were very friendly, professional, and responsive to my needs. It was done in 6 hours only!

- Daniel Marquez
- Mexico
Kind and honest Clinic...

Clinid member were very kind and honest. I’m Japanese…Although there had been language barriers between Turkish and Japanese, clinic members truly cared for me and my experience.
If someday I will have a second session, BlueMagic will again be my choice.

- Kazuki
- Japan
Matched my expectations...

Everything was as they said it will be. They were quite helpful and professional, every single one of my questions was answered. Now the only thing we have to see is whether my hair will grow and hope it will at the soonest!

- Marija Djuric
- Serbia
Hey I entrusted myself to...

Hey I have done my hair transplant at BlueMagic Group, I am very happy with the results it’s one of the best hair transplant in Turkey I would recommend them as they will look after you providing you the best results.

- Julien Zlatea
- Romania
Reliable and professional clinic

In 2018, being bald is not an obligation, it’s a choice! There are many transplantation techniques that can solve an aesthetic discomfort, such as baldness.

Thanks to BlueMagic Group. I discovered a serious, reliable and professional clinic from all points of view.

- Andrea Mantovani
- Italy
Customer service is 10/10

Customer service is 10/10, they explained the whole procedure in details and even went back over things I didn’t understand, answering to every question I had for my peace of mind. My experience at the Clinic was more than satisfying!

- Adam Uber
- United Kingdom


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