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Things to Know About Hair Transplant

BlueMagic Group delivers a world-class experience for every client that not only meets your needs, but that leaves you feeling relaxed and refreshed. Each of our comprehensive packages includes

Every member of our team is dedicated to ensuring an exceptional experience for every client, taking great care to meet all your hair restoration needs while providing you with a quality travel experience in this wonderful Turkish city.

Our Book

What You will Find in this Book

  • Introduction
  • Hair Transplant Industry
  • Istanbul,The Capital of Hair Transplant
  • About The BlueMagic Group
  • Research and Evaluation Process
  • The First Approach
  • Patient Journey
  • After - Care
  • Q&A, Conclusions

About The Author

Pasquale Minasi

Pasquale Minasi is an Entrepreneur, CEO & Founder of BlueMagic Group and author of

“All You Need To Know About Hair”

With over a decade of experience in Hair Transplant, Pasquale, passionate about improving and transforming this industry, is working to ensure that full details about advanced treatments are easily available to prospective
patients, with no jargon, no myths, and total transparency.

Dea Xhiku

Dea Xhiku is a Medical Consultant of BlueMagic Group and co-author of “All You Need To Know About Hair Transplant”. Majored in Psychology, where she has mastered advanced abilities on social interaction, Dea was effortlessly fascinated by the idea of contributing in this lifetime experience for people who want to feel better in their own skin.

Easing people into making an important decision, such as a hair transplantation is a delicate matter, responsibility which she is willing to take, by providing a detailed consultation to guide those in need of change.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is PRP hair treatment expensive?

At BlueMagic Group, PRP hair treatment comes complimentary for you if you go under any hair treatment. Otherwise PRP hair treatment won’t charge you much, and at BlueMagic we will provide you the best package possible.

After an Afro hair transplant, how can I be sure that my hair growth will be healthy?

We have a guarantee that our Afro hair transplant results will be permanent and your hair growth will be natural a few weeks after the Afro hair transplant in a healthier, fuller and thicker way.


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