Why Choose Us For Your Hair Transplant?

Turkey is a country of rich culture and heritage, which has now reached the pinnacle of the highest degree in scientific, technological, and medical progression worldwide. The European and Asian countries have since begun to compete in health tourism. The prevailing demand for tourism and medical expertise has made the Turkish state more focused and prioritize medical education and practices, consequently leading to numerous high-profile Turkish universities with international identification, not to mention various modern universities that might be awaiting a brighter future.

One of the most specialized and vital sections to spread across Istanbul and all over Turkey is Hair Transplant Surgery at BlueMagic Group, which has achieved an immense reputation and popularity for its all-encompassing luxury packages. This has led BlueMagic Group Clinic to become one of the best in Istanbul and Turkey to be the most advanced countries globally in hair implantation.

The surgery of transplantation is the best option for someone struggling to maintain healthy hair and to prevent baldness, and the best choice for you is BlueMagic Group International given the higher rates of success and all-inclusive holiday packages that come along with it.


Pioneers in hair transplant!

BlueMagic Group International is the pioneer in hair transplant with an advanced clinic in Istanbul. We offer the highest quality services with the finest cost-effective packages, making us the best available hair transplant clinic. Our foothold is set worldwide with a Head Consultancy office in London, and Medical Consultancy Clinic in Albania.

Why is Turkish Hair Transplant the best for you:

  • State-of-the-art techniques
  • Comprehensive treatment packages
  • A leisure stay
  • The holiday factor
  • Less expensive

What makes BlueMagic Group stand apart:

  1. 01

    Our all-inclusive packages will give you a complete experience including the luxury accommodation, travel costs, and transport costs as well

  2. 02

    BlueMagic Group is world-famous for using the most innovative and latest technologies such as High-Quality MICRO FUE SAPPHIRE and DHI CHOI PEN hair transplant

  3. 03

    Our specialized Sapphire FUE technique uses blades made from the valuable and durable gemstone sapphire to avoid excessive bleeding and for perfect micro-incision

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    Our fully equipped ultra-modern clinic with a wide range of advanced techniques doesn’t just give you a treatment, it makes you experience the magic!

Why Choose Turkey for your Hair Transplant?

  • Why
    Turkey - Capital of Hair Transplant

    Since Turkey is known to be the “Capital of Hair Transplant” due to its excellency for being acquainted with BlueMagic Group and many other hair transplantation clinics that is filled with great results and experiences. 

  • Why
    Hair Transplant at Affordable Cost

    One of the primary reasons for Turkey being the most preferred destination for medical tourists who are looking for the best hair transplant services is its cost. Turkey will provide you with the most affordable prices for a transplant because of the competition and it is also supported by the Turkish Ministry of Health.

  • Why
    Fully Accredited Hair Transplant

    Apart from the JCI (Joint Commission International) accredited Hair Transplantation Clinics, Turkey is also consistently releasing new and well-equipped techniques to provide the greatest and impeccable services to every patient.

  • Why
    Proven Experience and Expertise

    Several experienced doctors and clinics who are specialized in Hair Transplant have called out as a competition here in Turkey that generated curiosity among each provider to give the best quality service using the latest techniques at the best prices.


Hair Transplant at BlueMagic Group

Along with our team of internationally certified surgeons, we do not only aim to provide the best of what the hair transplant and cosmetic fields have to offer; we also ensure the comfort and peace of mind of our patients and make their visit as enjoyable and rewarding as possibly could be. Our costs are 70% less than U.K, Italy, and the U.S.A, without compromising quality.

Our thorough treatments are available at competitive prices and include all accommodation and transport costs in Istanbul.

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