Why Choose Us For Your Hair Transplant?

BlueMagic Group Clinic hair transplant is located in Istanbul, Turkey, for its cultural advantage and a much economical cost structure!

The U.S.A is known to be the most technologically advanced country with modern equipment for any kind of surgery. However, that comes at a great deal of expense too!
Turkey has a huge influx of highly trained and best hair transplant surgeons with up-to-date knowledge of unique procedures. With that, the costing strategy at BlueMagic Group is designed in a personalized way, consequently giving you the best service with a cost-effective package

Hair transplant surgery is expensive in the U.S.A in cities like New York due to factors like economic conditions, type of clinic, location of the clinic, types of techniques used, and much more. In Istanbul, the competitive environment is peaking, and the economy expects favourable progress in medical tourism, making it inexpensive for medical tourists.
And BlueMagic Group International is the pioneer of hair transplant in Turkey.
We have the best hair transplant surgeons in Turkey, with a medical crew to guide you on each step of the process, from travel to post-surgery maintenance!

Global leaders in hair transplant!

BlueMagic Group is the global leader in hair transplant with a specialized clinic in Turkey, Head Consultancy office in London, and Medical Consultancy Clinic in Albania. We offer services and techniques of the highest caliber with the best cost-effective packages, making us the best available hair transplant clinic in the world!

The Turkish Hair Transplant Advantage:

  • Amalgamated package of treatment and vacation
  • Expenses are comparatively lesser
  • Modern & up-to-date procedures
  • Top-class accommodation
  • A Turkish Holiday

What makes BlueMagic Group better than clinics in the U.S.A:

  1. 01

    The U.S.A has a very limited number of clinics, making simple surgeries expensive

  2. 02

    The arrangement of surgeries in the U.S.A is slower than that in Turkey

  3. 03

    The range of techniques available in the U.S.A is limited. The majority of clinics are still using the FUT technique, which is slower.

  4. 04

    The prices are very expensive in the U.S.A when compared to other countries like Turkey

Why BlueMagic Group:

  • Why
    Better Than The West

    The home of wall street, New York has now become the most technologically advanced city in America with greater advancements in medical surgeries. However, BlueMagic Group clinics are well acquainted with these ultra-modern technologies, giving you the latest procedures, state-of-the-art techniques, with the best possible results, at a much lesser expense!

  • Why
    Hair Transplant at the Best Prices

    With good equipment systems and efficient procedures, hair transplant clinics in the U.S.A stand with a strong foothold in the industry, but at a greater expense. BlueMagic Groups’s hair transplant clinic in Turkey is of a higher caliber than that of the U.S.A, by offering a complete range of top-class services which includes modern and specialized techniques and all-inclusive services with a holiday factor in Istanbul, Turkey, which can be found nowhere else even in all of America, at the best prices!

  • Why
    The Exotic Locations

    BlueMagic Group clinic in Turkey has the world’s most friendly and cost-effective hair transplant procedures in all of Europe, and that’s not it, you get to visit the heart of a country of sandy beaches, rich heritage and culture, the city of Istanbul!

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    Proven Experience and Expertise

    BlueMagic Group is world-famous for using the most innovative and latest technologies such as High-Quality MICRO FUE SAPPHIRE and DHI CHOI PEN hair transplant. We also have the best PRP treatment available while using the latest technology methods so that we deliver expected results to each and every client of ours


Hair Transplant at BlueMagic Group

Our experienced and specialized medical team will be there for you and are entirely dedicated to helping you throughout your procedure.

We at BlueMagic Group Clinic have the best hair transplant surgeons, with a medical crew that always offers the best personal and honest evaluation and advice for your particular hair loss and baldness situation and provide the best possible procedure to solve your problem, as we understand how traumatic hair loss can be and how our service will change your life for the better.

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