What is Hair Transplantation

A hair transplant is considered when their hair follicles become thin or they start suffering from hair loss due to several factors such as lifestyle diseases, genetics, stress, lack of vitamins and unhealthy nutrition. The process of transplanting the hair follicles into the area between the two ears in the nape region, which is the donor area.

Although different medicine and treatment methods are being studied for the hair loss problem, the most effective and certain solution for hair loss is the Hair Transplant procedure.

Now the main question tormenting every individual considering hair transplantation – “Should I?” And of course, followed by other wonders such as the actual effectiveness of the procedure itself, the possibilities of any eventual side effects, and at last, the level of satisfaction that those results will bring. Feel free to take our Free Consultation.

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We specialize in carrying hair transplants of the highest quality, along with a magical and luxurious experience that you’ll cherish for lifetime!

FUE Service

FUE Hair Transplant

FUE transplant surgery in Turkey is completely safe and minimally invasive. Known to use the latest and best technology, medical-grade equipment and industry-approved methods to each and every patient with their desired outcomes.

In a FUE hair transplant method, the surgery takes place where individual follicular units about one to four hair are extracted from the donor’s site, most of the time it comes from the neck, back of the head and then it is implanted into an area with thin hair. This is similar to the FUT method but FUE hair transplants do not require the removal of the entire strip of skin and leave only small unnoticeable dot scars on the donor area.


How FUE Hair Transplants Work?

  • Step1
    Step 1

    To make you comfortable,

    Our surgeon will apply a local anaesthetic on the donor area for your comfort, and after the anaesthesia gives its effect, our medical team will start extracting the best grafts from your donor area.

  • Step1
    Step 2

    After the area gets numb

    Our medical team will start extracting the hair follicles by using a micromotor, it is very important to only select the best grafts.

  • Step1
    Step 3

    Moving towards the next level

    Later, the surgeon will then use another set of specialised tools and create the mini incisions on your recipient area, which will receive the transplanted follicles.

  • Step1
    Step 4

    The final step

    The Surgeon will make use of Medical Forceps to implant the extracted and preserved grafts onto the recipient area.

How long does

How Long Does The FUE Hair Transplant TURKEY Takes?

The length of this procedure can vary depending on the number of grafts that need to be transplanted. Our FUE hair transplant typically take between six and eight hours to complete.


Who is a Suitable Candidate?

An individual who has healthy hair growth on the backside of the head or any other donor site to secure strong donor follicles.

During the consultation process, we will try to understand which method would be best suitable for you by examining your personal situations.

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Other Factors That Determine Candidacy Include

  • The number of grafts necessary to help you achieve your desired result.
  • Hair colour.
  • Hair texture.
  • Skin complexion.
  • Potential future hair loss.
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FUE Hair Transplant Experience

BlueMagic Group, will make sure that you have the best experience with your hair transplant.
We have a reputation of carrying comparatively painless, minimally invasive products and we use the latest medical equipment and industry approved methods to provide their desired outcomes.

After Treatment

After FUE Hair Transplant

  1. 01

    After your FUE hair transplant, we will suggest you to take care of yourself by suggesting methods and different ways to make sure you get long lasting results

  2. 02

    There may be some minor swelling on your head which can be taken care of by making use of some cold compress and gentle massages.

  3. 03

    Our recommendation will be that you sleep with your head elevated with pillows for at least three days after the procedure.

  4. 04

    It is best if you refrain from any heavy exercise or swimming for at least three weeks after the surgery, also keep yourself away from food that will cause your blood to thin of face to flush including spicy food, garlic, caffeine and even alcohol.

  5. 05

    Be sure to avoid direct sunlight reflecting on the operated area


Advantages of FUE Hair Transplant

  • This procedure is more reliable than the combined consumption of various medicines and usage of ointments. This treatment does not have any kind of side effects, plus it provides a permanent solution to your hair loss condition. Afterall, the statistics show that a Hair Transplant procedure has a really high success rate.

  • This process is a one-time procedure, you won’t have to continuously spend money on additional trips in respect of your transplant to the doctors in Turkey

  • Nowadays, a Hair Transplantation procedure has the power to change your appearance while giving you the confidence that was always missing. By restoring those balding areas that have always kept you insecure, will boost your inner confidence and self love that you always wanted.

Hair Transplant

Frequently Asked Questions

Do i need to shave my head before the transplant?

Make sure that you do not shave your head before the hair transplant, as this will help us understand the density and thickness of your current follicles and measure the amount of grafts you may require.

What can i do to make an appointment with BlueMagic Group?

To get an appointment by us, all you need to do is fill in your details in the form requested by us. We will connect with you and discuss how we will proceed. Once the confirmation is done and come down to an agreement, your travel, stay, surgery and almost everything would be covered by us as per the agreed charges.

What are the precautions to be taken before surgery?

It is always recommended by our surgeons to our patients that they avoid drinking or smoking a few days before their hair transplant as it leads to blood thinning and may interrupt during our surgery.

Will my surgery be uncomfortable because of pain?

Like any other surgery, at BlueMagic Clinic we will apply anaesthesia on our patients before starting the treatment for their comfort.

How many successful surgeries have BlueMagic Group performed?

Success rate of hair transplantation at BlueMagic Group is immaculate. We have done approximately 20,000 + hair transplants and all of them were a great success and to the satisfaction of all our patients.

What type of treatment will be performed for my hair concerns?

At BlueMagic Group, we have several types of techniques and technology available at our clinic. During our initial consultation, we will understand your physical medical condition and your follicle requirement. After consideration and calculating each and every possibility, we will suggest a treatment according to it.

Are there any risks in hair transplant surgery?

No medical procedure can be carried out without a risk, similarly hair transplant has its own. But at BlueMagic Clinic, we make sure to take actions which carry relatively lesser risk and provide you great results in terms of your hair.

How will the scars be taken care of?

Right after your hair transplant, a special bandage will be applied on your head. It will come out only during your last visit at our clinic in the span of your trip


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