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Nov 24, 2023 BlueMagic Group

Is Turkey ‘THE’ place to go for Hair Transplant in 2024?

When anyone mentions Medical Tourism in Turkey, so many negative connotations come to the forefront – ‘Turkey Teeth’ being just one of them. Unfortunately, when it comes to Hair Transplantation, the same is also true. Turkey is the global epicentre for many cosmetic treatments and surgical procedures, which has caused the medical tourism market to explode. It is estimated that at the end of 2023, there will have been £20b GBP spent on surgeries in Turkey alone.

Owing to this surge in demand, the Ministry of Health has had the arduous task of attempting to regulate this market but unfortunately, as with any industry, there are companies that are compliant and companies that prefer to operate under the government radar. This has led to unscrupulous profit-driven businesses to miss-sell, over-sell and under-deliver, leaving patients without trust, service or guarantees. However just as with any country, in any industry, there are good, moral, and ethical businesses and there are bad; the key is understanding how to decipher between them, to ensure you get the best value, service (and results) possible, without compromising your safety.

1. Experience

One of the first questions that every patient should ask before booking their Hair Transplant surgery is how long have you been performing these surgeries and techniques? Hair transplantation has become one of the most popular treatments in Turkey, which has led to new clinics opening their doors on a daily basis. Many of these clinics are inexperienced and do not have the medical expertise to deal with a lot of their patients’ issues which ends up having a counter effect on the results of their treatment. Checking doctor’s credentials, the types of techniques that they are using and requesting previous patient recommendations is the bare minimum of what your chosen hair transplant clinic should provide.

2. Medical Accreditations

Patients from different areas and regions will have been introduced to different accreditations depending upon their geographical location. Accreditations are standards that are pre-set and govern all hospitals, clinics and medical institutions. Accreditations are important because they provide minimum benchmarks to show compliance with hygiene standards, policies and procedures and patient care. Patients coming from America may be familiar with the Joint Commission International (JCI), whereas patients travelling from the UK will be more familiar with the Care Quality Commission (CQC), which is implemented throughout the National Health Service (NHS). Attending a clinic or hospital that holds either of these accreditations provides reassurance that the minimum standards are being consistently met.

3. Fair, Honest and Transparent Hair Transplant Pricing

Whilst patients travelling from different countries will have different levels of disposable income, regardless of their place of origin, quotations provided by clinics should be clear, consistent and transparent. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for patients to be charged a set sum for hair transplantation, only to arrive at the clinic in question and receive an invoice for medications, additional grafts, alternate procedures and so on. When you select a clinic, make sure you fully question their packages and pricing to ensure that there are no underlying or hidden costs.

If you select a clinic solely based on price, then 9/10 you are foregoing quality. As they say, save thrice, buy twice! There is a limited margin that reputable clinics can make on hair transplantation. Clinics that pay medical staff overheads, and doctor salaries, purchase only FDA-approved genuine medications, buy CE-certified equipment, pay for medical licences and health Ministry registration fees, cannot charge £2,000.00 for a hair transplantation. In life, you really do get what you pay for. Be smart, do the math!

4. Exaggerated results and surgical guarantees

If a clinic offers you 8,000 grafts in one sitting, full coverage and high density, yet 40% of your hair is thinning, you have a weak donor area and you need a full crown and hairline restoration, then the likelihood of extracting 8,000 grafts, nevermind getting the promised results, is slim to none. Always remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is! Moreover, if you are offered 100% guarantees by any clinic, run away as fast as you can; this is a huge red flag!

There is no credible clinic in the world that will offer a 100% guarantee on any form of surgical procedure because it does not exist. Whilst top-end clinics will ultimately get you as close to the results you desire, they won’t promise it because when it comes to human biology, there are simply far too many variables that can affect the outcome of the treatment. Whilst complications with hair transplantation are few and far between, they are not completely void of risk, therefore understanding all of the potential outcomes in order to way up the pros and cons will help you make a more informed decision.

Why you should choose BlueMagic Group Clinic for your Hair Transplantation

BlueMagic Group Clinic has been performing hair transplantation for over 12 years. Somewhat of a veteran in the industry, BlueMagic Group Clinic is one of the leading three clinics in Europe. BlueMagic Group Clinic performs an astounding number of surgeries every year and is also the leading centre for corrective hair transplant surgeries, specialising in difficult and challenging cases. In fact BlueMagic Group clinic is one of the leading centres for direct clinic referrals (Other clinics refer clients directly to us) and one of the few places offering solutions to patients with special conditions (HIV, Hep B & C and other blood or viral infections).

The medical team at BlueMagic Group clinic have a combined experience of over 20 years, has an extensive portfolio and is trained in some of the top medical universities around the world. BlueMagic Group clinic holds JCI, FDA, and CE and is hoping to be the first clinic outside of the UK with CQC accreditation.

Bluemagic Group Clinic offer a transparent and fair pricing policy whereby the price you are quoted is the price you will pay. The only time a patient will be charged more than their initial quotation is if they are found to have a ‘special condition’ upon blood analysis, which requires additional services and medical expertise. Hotels, transportation and medication are all included in the BlueMagic price guarantee. Additional optional haircare products may also be purchased at the clinic.

BlueMagic Group clinic is a patient-centric company where the needs of the patient will always take precedence. If you request 6000 hair grafts and we believe that this will be a detriment to your hair, scalp or donor area situation, we will not perform the transplantation. Everything we do is focused solely on you, your health, your hair and your future results.

To book a free consultation with BlueMagic Group Clinic, contact us now!


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