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The #1 DHI Hair Transplant Clinic in TURKEY

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The #1 DHI Hair Transplant Clinic TURKEY

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DHI Hair Transplant TURKEY

In addition to our specialist FUE hair transplants, BlueMagic Group is the best DHI clinic in turkey for Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) treatments using the latest Choi Pen technology.

This treatment is designed to be minimally invasive, safe, and painless while also delivering natural looking results with maximum density. This treatment is perfect for men and women and can be used for eyebrow, beard, moustache, and general hair restorations. It is one of the leading hair transplant clinic in Istanbul, turkey

What is DHI?

Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) is an advanced hair transplant technique that uses specially designed implanter pens to extract follicles from the donor site and implant these follicles directly into the targeted recipient area one by one. At BlueMagic Group, we use the latest Choi Pen technology in our DHI HAIR TRANSPLANT to ensure the best possible experience for our clients.

What is the Choi Pen?

The Choi Pen is a specialised tool used to implant hair follicles into the scalp once they have been extracted from the donor area. The implanter is a pen-like instrument with a hollow needle attached to a tube and plunger on one end. The needle is between 0.5 and 1.5mm thick. The precision provided by the Choi Pen allows a more natural outcome and improves the survival rate of the follicle once it has been implanted.

How do Choi Pens work?

Choi Pens work by implanting extracted grafts directly into the scalp. Once the extracted grafts are loaded onto the needle, the grafts will be carefully implanted by the surgeon at the appropriate angle, depth, and direction for more natural outcomes. The follicles are injected one by one, with up to six surgeons working simultaneously to ensure a quicker process.

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Who can have DHI hair transplant?

As with the FUE HAIR TRANSPLANT method, good candidates for DHI hair transplant should have healthy hair growth on the donor sites to guarantee stronger follicle growth once transplanted. The texture, density, and colour of your hair will also be considered, as well as the number of grafts needed to give you the overall results you are looking to achieve. This treatment is generally suited to anyone in need of eyebrow, beard, moustache, and front hairline transplantation.

During your initial consultation with our expert team, we will help you determine whether the DHI HAIR TRANSPLANT method is right for you. Our specialists will take your aesthetic goals and a variety of factors into account, including your medical history and projected hair loss, to deliver a service that leaves you with the best outcomes.

Other factors that determine candidacy include:


Healthy hair growth on the donor sites


Hair density.


Hair texture.


Hair Colour.


The number of grafts needed.

What happens after a DHI HAIR TRANSPLANT treatment?

After the procedure, your surgeon will advise you on the appropriate aftercare methods. These will usually include applying an ice compress to help reduce the risk of bruising and oedema and taking any prescribed anti-inflammatories and antibiotics. You should also sleep with your head elevated on extra pillows for at least the first three days following the procedure.

We also recommend limiting your exercise, avoiding swimming, alcohol, and smoking, and staying out of the sun as much as possible. We also recommend waiting at least seven days after your final check-up before washing your hair to ensure proper healing and taking between one and two weeks off work.

The full result, as well as the fully grown hairs, will be visible 12 months after the procedure. Initial hair growth will be visible within a month following surgery. However, this hair will naturally fall out and begin to regrow within three to five months.

How long does DHI HAIR TRANSPLANT take?

While this procedure can take longer than most other treatments due to the higher level of precision required, our use of the specialised Choi Pen speeds up the generally slow procedure. Our DHI CHOI PEN transplants usually take between six and eight hours to complete, depending on the number of grafts needed. The maximum number of grafts taken range from 2500 to 3000 depending on the donor area and the extent of your restoration requirements.

Is DHI hair transplant TURKEY painful?

At BlueMagic Group, we use the best sedation and anesthesia techniques, including the administration of local anesthesia to the treatment area, to ensure you experience no pain throughout the procedure. Mild pain may be experienced after the procedure. However, painkillers will be prescribed to help with this.

How long do DHI results last?

Because the implanted hair is mostly resistant to the hormones that cause hair loss, the outcome of this hair transplant treatment will be lifelong. However, some natural hair loss will occur over time.


This method has several benefits for our clients. These include:


Reduced risk of damage to the hair follicle by reducing the time the follicle is left out of the scalp.


The Choi Pen allows smaller incisions, meaning less bleeding.


Your specialist has complete control over the angle, direction, and depth of the follicle implantation, providing a more natural result.


This method offers more flexibility than the FUE method. Once the donor follicles have been removed, it can either be stored in a special solution to enhance its development, or be transplanted directly into the thinning area, depending on your unique needs.


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