Why Choose BlueMagic Group Clinic in Turkey for your Hair Transplant over Italy?

BlueMagic Group’s Clinic of hair transplant is well known for its clinic in Istanbul, Turkey, for the cultural aura and a much cost-effective package.

Italy, a south-central European country, is known for some of the most famous structures in the world, including the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Colosseum, and most importantly, the city of Rome. It is world-famous for its fashion sense and various famous fashion brands. It is the third-largest economy in the world and one of the most expensive countries, followed by the USA.

As it is an expensive country, all sectors, including medical services, are skyrocketing in Italy. Cosmetic treatments are often more expensive in these countries depending on the economic climate, and it is difficult for many tourists to afford the hair of their dreams in this world-famous country.

Why Turkey Is A Better Option

Like any other medical procedure, hair transplantation in Italy is very expensive and unattainable for many. With no government support for cosmetic surgery, insurance policies are not taken into account and people deal with a monetary issue and face hair loss in women and men. People of Rome and the rest of Italy have themselves started planning their hair transplant tourism to other affordable countries like Turkey where they can get a highly standardized hair transplant.

The Perks Of A Hair Transplant In Turkey

  • The Cost of 5000 grafts hair transplant in Turkey is relatively low
  • Standardized and Modern treatments
  • Extensive treatment and vacation packages
  • A Holiday in Turkey
  • First-class accommodation

What makes BlueMagic Group International better than clinics in Italy

  1. 01

    The arrangement of surgical procedures in Italy is slow-paced

  2. 02

    The range of techniques out there in Italy is limited. The bulk of clinics are still exploiting many outdated techniques.

  3. 03

    Italy encompasses a terribly restricted variety of clinics, creating easy surgeries pricey

  4. 04

    The cost is higher in Italy when put next to alternative countries like Turkey

Why BlueMagic Group in Turkey Over Italy:

  • Why
    Hair Restoration Cost in Italy

    The main limiting factor stopping the path of hair loss patients is the cost of hair restoration in Italy which is very high compared to other developing countries. The only difference in cost varies depending on the country’s economy, currency, and cost of living.

  • Why
    Surgeon Experience in Italy

    As the cost of male and female hair loss treatment in Italy is very high, the influx of patients is gradually decreasing and negatively affecting the experience of hair transplant surgeons in Italy. Hair transplant clinics in Italy are short of patients. The surgeon’s experience only increases in years, but the number of patients treated is even lower, which negatively affects their surgical skills. They have to spend a lot of money on inexperienced surgeons to perform hair transplants, which may not be reliable in terms of natural, permanent hair transplants.

  • Why
    A Holiday In Istanbul

    BlueMagic Group offers the friendliest and most affordable hair transplant surgery. That’s not all, you can also visit the city of Istanbul to find rich heritage and culture!

  • Why
    Turkish Experts

    BlueMagic Group is world-famous for using the latest and most innovative technologies such as high-quality MICRO FUE SAPPHIRE and DHI CHOI PEN hair transplantation to get the desired and expected results for each and every one of our customers


The Team At BlueMagic Group International

Our medical team is highly experienced and specialized and will be at your disposal to help and guide you during your procedure of hair transplant undertaken in Istanbul with full commitment. BlueMagic Group Clinic is equipped with an exceptional team of hair transplant surgeons that always provides the best personal and honest assessment and advice for your specific baldness and hair loss situation. The most suitable and possible method to solve your problem is advised as we understand how hair loss in women and men can affect your personality and how our service will change your life forever.

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