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Hair Transplant For Women

Our hair transplant for women in Turkey is a similar procedure to Men. Since we have several different techniques available at our clinic, we will try and understand your requirement during our initial consultations and recommend the best possible surgery for you.

The procedure of hair transplant will start from removing hair follicles from your donor area, usually it starts from the back sides of your head and transplanting or grafting those follicles in the recipient area. As per the particular hairline on the top and requirement for placing the grafts on head or scalp, we will plant the follicles in the donor area.

Since BlueMagic Group offers you advanced techniques and technologies along with the latest state-of-the-art facilities, a team of trained technicians, surgeons, doctors with wide experience to make sure that the surgery is a huge success and you get your desired look you always wanted


How Hair Transplant work For Women?

  • Step1
    Step 1

    For your Comfort

    Our surgeon will apply a local anesthesia on the donor area to extract the required follicles, which will then bi directly implanted.

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    Step 2


    After the Surgeon extracts the grafts, he then proceeds to load them into the needles of the Choi Pens. Those grafts will be implanted by him on the recipient area at an appropriate angle, depth and direction to give you natural results

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    Step 3


    Our finest surgeons will be available with two nurses, who will be working simultaneously with all their dedication and hardwork

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    Step 4

    The final stage

    The follicles will be carefully implanted one by one for better and more natural looking results by the Choi Pen.

How long does

How Long Does The Hair Transplant for women TURKEY Takes?

The length of this procedure can vary depending on the number of grafts that need to be transplanted. Our hair transplant for women typically take between six and eight hours to complete.


Who is a Suitable Candidate

As per our research and understanding, about 2 to 5% of women suffers with heavy hair loss and they can benefit from hair transplant procedures

Women who suffered from hair loss because of mechanical or traction alopecia ( nonhormonal )

Women who underwent cosmetic or plastic surgery in the past and are worried about the hair loss around their incision sites

Women who have a distinct pattern of baldness, much like male baldness that includes hairline recession, vertex, thinning on the crown or top of the cap
and a donor area that is androgenetic alopecia.

Women who are facing hair loss because of mental trauma, burn marks, scars from accidents and chemical burns.

Women with alopecia marginalis, a condition which is similar to traction alopecia

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The Factors That Determine Candidacy Include The Following:

  • The number of grafts required in accomplishing your ideal result
  • Colour of the Hair
  • Texture of the Hair
  • Complexion of the skin
  • Future hair loss potential
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Hair Transplant For Women Experience

BlueMagic Group, will make sure that you have the best experience with your hair transplant.
We have a reputation of carrying comparatively painless, minimally invasive products and we use the latest medical equipment and industry approved methods to provide their desired outcomes.

After Treatment

After Hair Transplant For Women

  1. 01

    After undergoing the hair transplant in women, you can expect a full growth of hair in around 12 months

  2. 02

    Please note that in between two to eight weeks after the surgery, the transplanted hair will fall off which is absolutely normal

  3. 03

    In the third month after your surgery, your hair may look a bit thinner than the previous ones, which is also normal

  4. 04

    Proper medication is suggested, eating prescribed medicines on time is also suggested, washing your head and hair as per our surgeons demonstrated method is also suggested.

  5. 05

    The prescribed medicines will slow down the new hair loss and thinning, hence making proper use of medications is recommended.


Advantages of Hair transplant for women

  • There will be a great difference of aesthetic in your hair, as every individual follicle will be concentrated and good looking, in result you will get a more youthful appearance with an increased social and business confidence

  • Understanding your requirement, we will be offering you the best suitable treatment which will be minimally invasive, relatively painless, completely safe

  • We use the best possible technologies and techniques which will help you get new growth just like your orginical hair.

  • The procedures will be carried out in the influence of local anaesthesia which makes the treatment safe and painlessOur team or experts will make sure that the treatment will not lead to any serious complications.

Hair Transplant For Women

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