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What an experience!

I could not be happier with Blue Magic Group. It starts from the beginning with my consultant Kejsi Robaj. She is the definition of a consummate professional. She was so positive, knowledgeable, and attentive to my needs throughout the whole process! Everything Kejsi explained to me in the beginning came to fruition. Blue Magic is lucky to have someone like her representing them, what a rockstar. The clinic was super clean and the staff there was phenomenal. Being from the states they ensured | had a translator with me throughout the whole process explaining each step of the procedure, truly put my mind to ease. They went above and beyond to take care of me and truly make it an experience. All transfers were coordinated to perfection and the accommodation was perfect for someone going through this experience. | can’t say enough about how great this experience was | would enthusiastically recommend them to anyone. Thank you Kejsi, thank you Hamza and the other gents who assisted me during my time there.

- Martin Qyra
One of the best clinic in Turkey!

Very detailed consultation, we went through each step of the procedure itself and the services included. Def one of the best clinic in Turkey. The clinic was being sterilized every 20 minutes and my surgery was done by the main surgeon. Thanks

- Yusuf Sideeq & Muhammed Sajad
- Afghanistan & Bangladesh
Very Satisfied!

The assistant was very professional and kind and followed me, giving me all the information I needed. I am very satisfied.

- Claudio Dorotea
- Portugal
Honest, Kind & Professional Team

Dedicated, honest, professional, kind and amazingly effective with communication. My medical consultant was incredibly supportive with all my inquiries. I very can recommend this clinic to anyone who is looking for a life-changing experience.

- Daniel Pal
- Fiji


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