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Sep 18, 2019 BlueMagic Group

Causes of Hair Thinning: 5 Ways To Stop It!

For a majority of the crowd, irrespective of their age, gender, and other defining attributes that state them different from one another, hair thinning is a problem that is far more than just ordinary and far more general than the term common. This blog will help you in addressing the issue, read out loud:

Causes of hair thinning

There are various causes of hair thinning. Few are here:

  • If you are someone who deals with a whole lot of stress & anxiety, then there are chances of falling hair.
  • Disproportional hormones can be the prime cause of hair fall.
  • Heredity is another factor that could cause such a problem.
  • Oiling your hair is an important activity, as combing it, without which the hair gets weak.
  • Not providing enough nourishment to the roots of the hair can also cause it to break & fall.
  • Lastly, cosmetic reactions and drugs malfunction are other probable reasons for it to happen.

Alopecia areata

“Alopecia areata” might appear as if it does not belong to this world, but in actuality, it’s just a usual term for the common hair loss problem. Yes, it requires medical attention and a cure from a Hair Transplant clinic in Turkey. As of now, there are various types of alopecia, here is a bucket full of them–

1. Involutional alopecia- A condition in which the body loses hair with age, remaining ones become much shorter and thinner.

2. Androgenic alopecia- A medical term for an acute condition in which both males and females lose their hair because of genetic reasons. Men are the ones who witness these in their 20s while women at their 40s.

3. Alopecia areata–A plight in which hair re-occurs after a period of bald time.

4. Alopecia Universalis–Hair from the entire body falls.

5. Trichotillomania–A medical term used, to define the psychological behavior of a person, in which he/she pulls her hair.

6. Telogen effluvium–a temporary hair-thinning problem

7. Scarring alopecias–In this, the person loses his/her hair forever.

Effective steps that you must take 

Talking of reducing unwanted hair fall, you can adapt a few practical methods to address this issue. It includes–

1. Relax and Meditate 

● Meditation is an excellent way to maintain steadiness in nerves. It even works for the hair follicle.

2. Exercise a little, if not too much 

● You should engage yourself in performing a physical action that will build your body, muscles, and hair!

3. Examine the food you eat

  • Make sure that you are consuming enough iron for the hair to grow again.
  • Eating fish and green vegetables is the ideal source for it.
  • Vitamin D is a vital part that helps in hair growth.

4. Try ketoconazole shampoo

● Instead of trying anti-dandruff shampoos, try hair product that contains ketoconazole.

5. Hair Treatment 

● Lastly, you can opt for a Hair Transplant clinic in Istanbul and get a treatment done whenever you decide to regain your lost hair.


 If you’re facing hair thinning problems, our hair experts are ready to offer you a free consultation. Let’s get in touch today! 



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