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Hair transplant for Women: All you need to know

Hair loss is hard for men, however for women, hair is like their identity. If a woman notices that she is extensively losing hair for a continuous period of time, she may get worried. She will try to figure out how to conceal her hair loss. Hair transplantation is quite possibly the most widely recognized cosmetic procedure in male patients. However, this is likewise normal in females too.

Hair Loss in Women

Losing hair is natural. According to National Health Service in UK between 50 and 100 hairs can fall out per day, frequently undetected. Even though hair loss is typically nothing to be concerned about, it can occasionally be a symptom of a medical condition. Male and female pattern baldness are two examples of hair loss that is permanent. This kind of hair loss frequently runs in families.

The issue here is that many women find it difficult to determine whether they need an operation or not. They do not know whether their hair loss is due medical condition or if it’s just part of aging. Hair loss can be caused by many factors and sometimes no one knows why exactly it happens suddenly without any warning signs beforehand. However, there are some common signs that indicate that something might be wrong with your scalp; these include:

1) You have noticed that your scalp looks dryer than usual after washing it with shampoo or other products containing harsh chemicals

2) Your scalp feels flaky or scaly

3) There are patches of bald spots on your scalp (this may also be accompanied by itching)

Hereditary Hair Loss

According to American Academy  of Dermatology Association, this form of hair loss, which is the most prevalent cause of hair loss worldwide, affects both men and women. It is known as male pattern hair loss in men. Female pattern hair loss affects women. The medical word for it, regardless of whether it develops in men or women, is androgenic alopecia.

Whatever word you choose, it means that you have genes that drive the hair follicles, the sacs from which each hair emerges, in your scalp to contract and finally stop developing hair. Although it can start as early as your teens, shrinking often begins later in life. The earliest observable symptom of genetic hair loss in women is either general thinning or a widening portion.

Hair transplant for Women

Female hair transplant in Turkey is the new and reliable solution to fight against hair loss in women. But before you think of going for a hair transplant, you should know why women experience hair loss. Many types of hair loss can happen, for example, alopecia areata, telogen effluvium. Losing hair can be a result also of vitamin B12 deficiency, lack of iron, and numerous others. Many scalp diseases can cause hair loss including psoriasis (contingent upon the kind). Also scalp issues like pityriasis, skin inflammation or eczema, and allergies due to reaction can cause hair loss

Male hair transplant vs female hair transplants

Hair loss is a common condition for both men and women, but there are differences between the two sexes. Men usually lose more hair than women do at an early age. 60% of men will have noticeable hair loss by age 40. But women are more likely than men to experience this type of hair loss later in life. About 30% of women over age 65 suffer from male pattern baldness (and they tend to start losing their hair earlier and more dramatically than younger women).

What age is most suitable for women to have a hair transplant surgery?

The best time is between the age of 20 to 30. Hairs fall out at this age, and so it is very important that you have a hair transplant surgery done before then. However if you are past 30 or older and still want to improve your appearance with hair transplantation, there are ways to do it safely and effectively.

Other factors that make you a good candidate for hair transplant

Hair transplant basically involves removing the donor hair and grafting it onto your scalp. However, you need to be a good candidate for the procedure to get it right. For men, there are many factors, but women, there are only a couple of good and bad ones that you should look into. If you are over thirty and have lost more than 50% of your hair, a hair transplant is an option. At this point in life many women can expect to lose 30 % or more of their hair by the time they reach menopause. Hair transplantation is used to help people who want a new look and feel. Hair transplants are most commonly used to achieve more natural-looking hair, by replacing thinning areas of scalp with healthy donor tissue and allowing the new hair to grow in.

Which hair transplant technique is best for women?

Traditionally, the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method was the best hair transplant technique for women because it is quick enough to recover from and it won’t require you to completely shave your head. However, there are newer methods in the market that are popular and provide better results, like the Strip FUE. Furthermore, we suggest researching our cases on how much scarring you can expect and which clinics perform them for women with minimal scarring.

Practically all hair transplant surgeons take 90% as the least accepted limit. In any case, the ideal success rate of hair transplants goes from 95%-98%. The skills and expertise of the surgeon in using the latest technology tools and equipment determines a crucial part in deciding the success rate of the hair transplants for women in Turkey. Women who desire to have thick and normal hair pick a surgical hair transplant in light of the fact that it’s an everlasting solution.

Success Rate

It’s very obvious that when women invest in a hair transplant treatment both financially and emotionally, they would like to know about the rate of success of the transplant. But before determining the success rate, you should consider few important factors:

  1. You should wait until there is complete growth of the transplanted hair and then judge the success rate of hair transplantation.
  2. It’s likewise crucial to consider the experience and skills of the surgeon who is going to perform the hair transplant for women in Turkey. Furthermore, you should also consider the technology utilized for transplanting hair.
  3. Legitimate hair transplant surgeons don’t make false promises and always aim at working on real expectations.
  4. For a 100 percent success rate, personalized technique and plan of recovery should be prepared at the time of hair transplant surgery for every patient.
  5. Aside from hair transplant, it’s likewise important to deal with hair fall and other hair related issues.

For more in-depth insight regarding techniques click here DHI and FUE

Whether you experience female pattern baldness or simply hair loss, BlueMagic Group can help you. If you have any desire to have your hairline back or fill in the part that got uncovered, reach us and figure out how we can help you with the best female hair transplant in Turkey.

How to choose the right clinic for your hair transplant?

Women Hair Transplants in Turkey

Let’s dive in and see how the hair restoration procedure determines the success rate of  women’s hair transplant in Turkey:

  • Patients should ask and understand different methods and strategies of hair transplant in Turkey by talking with the surgeon and examine which technique can present to them the best outcomes
  • The FUT strategy (Follicular Unit Transplant) has a success rate of 95-98% whenever done efficiently. Sometimes the success rate can come up to 100% because of the follicular grafts transfer
  • The FUE strategy (Follicular Unit Extraction) results in a little lower success rate of hair transplantation. It’s worth remembering that, it requires multiple sittings and sessions for successful outcomes on hair transplant
  • It has been observed in studies that the success rate of hair restoration surgery relies upon the development of hair implanted in the transplanted area, which is around 85-95%. Notwithstanding, a few patients fear rejection of graft. But it should be kept in mind that when FUE strategy is used for hair transplantation there are very less chances of graft rejection

How much does a female hair transplant cost in Turkey ?

With the entirety of the innovation, experience, and quality that Turkish centers convey, the vast majority are astounded at how moderate hair transplantation strategies are in Turkey. Particularly contrasted with other Western nations such the UK, all over Europe, and the US where they can cost as much as $30,000 USD. The Female Hair Transplant in Turkey Cost starts from just $3,100 USD (approx. 3,080 eur) for around 3,000 grafts with an entire scope of extra administrations included.

Comprehensive female hair transplant packages in a decent clinic will include:

  • Convenience (3 evenings stay in a 5-star lodging)
  • Celebrity moves (Private vehicle. From the medical clinic to the lodging, then, at that point to the medical clinic, and back)
  • Interpreter administration if necessary
  • Easy Local Anesthesia
  • Micro FUE most extreme thickness pre-activity hair style
  • PRP Treatment Medications
  • Post-usable consideration fundamentals, like cleanser, salve, uncommon cap, neck cushion, pain relievers, headache medicine, antimicrobials, and so on
  • PRP treatment to invigorate better hair development.

Now let’s shed light on the ongoing worldwide debacle on the female hair transplant UK vs Turkey cost analysis.

Speaking of female hair transplant UK vs Turkey cost, clinics in the UK do this for a normal of £ 7,200. The Female Hair Transplant in Turkey Cost starts from just $3,100 USD with an entire scope of extra services included.

Hair transplant procedures for ladies methods are exceptional and may contrast from hair transplant strategies for men—and may even vary from one lady to another with respect to how the follicles are extricated from the contributor destinations. There are two kinds of procedures that are workable for ladies hair transplant, and they are :

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

Our hair reclamation specialists in Turkey use follicular unit extraction (FUE), to exclusively gather hair follicles—in which a round cut is made in the skin around the upper piece of the follicle from the rear of the head.

Direct Hair Implantation (DHI)

Direct hair implantation (DHI) with female hair transplantation includes embedding hair follicles individually straightforwardly to the going bald region. Every hair follicle is embedded in an exact way, point, and profundity, giving normal outcomes and greatest inclusion. The utilization of the DHI Choy Pen eliminates the requirement for the formation of openings or cuts in the beneficiary region. The specialist will recognize your benefactor and beneficiary regions and work to customize an arrangement to assist you with accomplishing the most normal looking hairline with a sound giver region.

Follicles will be separated from donor area. Mini-invasive procedures will make 0.7-0.8 mm micro holes in recipient area. Our prepared group looks at the follicular joins and sets them up for the situation. Follicular unit joins are organized into bunches relying upon the quantity of hairs in every follicle. When the neighborhood sedation is managed, the beneficiary region is ready for the careful cycle. After the cuts are made, follicular unit joins are embedded in the minuscule cuts of the beneficiary region. The grafts are set individually the pre-arranged way, relying upon the quantity of hair inside every follicle.

Choose The Right Surgeon For Best Female Hair Transplant

The choice of the surgeon for the best female hair transplant affects the success rate to a great extent. Here are a few basic variables to be kept in mind before choosing a hair transplant surgeon:

  • An experienced and reliable surgeon will initially check and conclude whether you should go for hair transplant or not.
  • Considering donor site is sufficient, the individual can expect around 95% success rate for best female hair transplant in Turkey.
  • Before you decide, you should consult the hair transplant clinic in Turkey about their procedures and your current hair loss condition.
  • If you are having too much hair loss, then probably there are less chances for a hair transplant.

Along with choosing the right surgeon and method, it’s also important to have a positive attitude and trust on the procedure and the surgeon. Also, your expectations from the hair transplant should be realistic.

Women after hair transplant

Hair transplant is a surgical procedure that stimulates hair growth in bald areas on the scalp. It takes up to 12 months for a hair transplant to take effect. With proper care, your new hairs will fully grow in within 4-6 months after the procedure. At BlueMagic Clinic after care start immediately after hair transplant surgery and periodically throughout the post-operative period. During this time period, it is essential that you continue to maintain good nutrition, hydration, and regular health care.


All things considered, hair transplant for women in Turkey seems to be the best and safest option to go for.

BlueMagic Group will talk about your wellness, inspect your hair and sculp. Everything to ensure there could be no alternate method for allowing hair loss. We will completely clarify the strategy and answer any inquiries you may have. We provide consultation on call to better understand your condition and suggest the best solution available. All of this, with a competitive cost of female hair transplant in Turkey.

That’s not all, we provide you the surgery in the most comfortable way. Top-quality travel, hotel, vacation, and operation, all part of our packages.

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