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How To Wash Hair After A Hair Transplant Surgery?

The postoperative time of the hair transplant procedure is really significant for the achievement of great results and there are numerous different factors that patients have to focus on at this stage.

At this span, washing the hair after a hair transplant is very important. The transplanted hair can’t be completely embedded into the receiver or beneficiary zone in two or three days after the transplant and subsequently, an incorrect method might influence the results of the surgery in a bad way by harming the hair follicles.

It is feasible to make effective results in a hair transplant surgery provided that doctors’ recommendation on washing hair is followed and patients act accordingly. This reading tends to the solution on how to wash hair after a hair transplant surgery properly and efficiently.

Here’s How To Wash Hair After A Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair wash process after hair transplant

Step #1

Spray Panthenol on your transplanted hair and sit tight for 40 minutes; this stretch may likewise be 20 minutes if you don’t have much time

  • A thin layer that covers the grafts will be enough
  • If you have no issues while spraying, you can spray it on the donor region as well
  • You should utilize a Panthenol shower for 15 days. If you can’t get Panthenol, the other option is Bepanthol
  • If you see no covering on the scalp for 15 days, you can quit utilizing Panthenol spray. You might keep using it if you need it, as it is a good lotion

Step #2

While showering, change the temperature to warm and adjust it to the low strain of the water. Your grafts are not to be exposed to compressed water that comes with force. You can also contact your hair transplant clinic to understand the water temperature you should keep.

Step #3

Pour cleanser on the beneficiary region. Pour some on your hand and froth the cleanser

Step #4

Contact the tips of your second and third fingers delicately on your grafts and proceed with this method for 15 minutes. You should touch your grafts delicately and the movements of your fingers should be on the upward side; kindly don’t focus on your graft’s roundabout style or don’t move your fingers sideways. It is just contacting your fingers on your grafts delicately; you don’t have to rub. (Hair is to be delicately rubbed to shed hulls, after Day 13).

Step #5

After you delicately contact and wash your grafts for 15 minutes, change the water stream once more (low temperature and strain) to flush the cleanser

Step #6

Wash the donor region with a cleanser. You should clean tissue remains and blood by delicately rubbing the beneficiary zone to avoid any disease. Try not to hurt yourself in the main week by rubbing improperly

Step #7

Dry your hair with a paper towel or a kitchen towel. Kindly don’t utilize a typical towel since it might pull your grafts harshly

Step #8

Apply Fucicort cream to the contributor region. Don’t have any significant bearing on the beneficiary region. Since your donor region will recuperate in the following 5 days, you might quit utilizing Fucidin cream

Precautions to Take When Washing Hair After A Hair Transplant Surgery

  • Right timing is vital to wash the hair after a hair transplant surgery. The right time changes for every individual and depends on the advice of the doctor who carried out the hair transplant surgery. Nonetheless, the suggested time normally changes from 2 and 4 days after the operation relying on the patient’s assessment
  • After a hair transplant procedure, you want to utilize hair wash and shampoos that are without paraben, contain natural ingredients, and restore the hair.
  • Just like with all stages after the hair transplant procedure, solid injury to the scalp and contact of nails to the beneficiary zone is to be kept away from, while the hair is washed
  • The scalp is not to be directly exposed to the compressed water from the showerhead while the hair is washed; low-pressure water is suggested to be utilized. Warm water should be used to wash the hair. It is suggested that the patient is joined by a relative or a companion when the hair is washed carefully.

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