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Mar 05, 2024 BlueMagic Group

Risking His Career For The Hairline: Aboubakar Hair Transplant & The Trouble it Caused at Besiktas

Vincent Aboubakar is a seasoned 31-year-old forward for Besiktas. A luminary on the Cameroonian national team has recently found himself entwined in controversy. That eclipses his on-field prowess. His alleged Aboubakar hair transplant incident has sparked debates across the football world. With 11 goals and 3 assists in the backdrop of his 22 matches this season raising questions not just about hair loss treatment but also about ethics and integrity in professional sports.

This article aims to dissect the unexpected troubles stemming from Aboubakar’s hair transplant and its ripple effect on Besiktas. This narrative will examine the detailed account of the hair transplant controversy. Its impact on Aboubakar’s performance and the team dynamics, culminated in the various responses from the player, the club, and the potential implications for his career trajectory, including hair transplant results.

Vincent Aboubakar at Besiktas

Vincent Aboubakar’s journey with Besiktas began in the 2016-17 season when he joined on loan from Porto. His debut on September 10, 2016, against Kardemir Karabükspor, marked the start of an impactful tenure with the Turkish club. Notably, Aboubakar’s first goal for Besiktas came during a Champions League match against Napoli on October 29, 2016, followed by his first league goal against Antalyaspor on November 20, 2016. His contributions were significant in helping Besiktas clinch the Süper Lig title that season, with 12 goals in 27 appearances.

After a return to Besiktas on a permanent transfer in September 2020, Abubakar continued his fine form. Becoming the fifth-highest goalscorer in the Süper Lig in the 2020-21 season with 15 goals in 31 appearances. His prowess on the field was instrumental in Besiktas securing another Süper Lig title. Over his tenure, Abubakar has played a total of 108 games for Besiktas, amassing 59 goals and providing 130 assists in 7679 minutes of play.

During the 2021/2022 season, he played 25 games, scoring 13 goals and providing 2 assists. In the ongoing 2022/2023 season, he has already played 16 games, scoring 11 goals and providing 3 assists. His performance remains strong despite the Abubakar hair transplant controversy. He continues to assert his importance to the team with his consistent scoring ability, including 2 goals in 6 appearances in the UEFA Europa Conference League.

Aboubakar Hair Transplant Controversy Explained

Vincent Aboubakar’s situation at Besiktas turned controversial following his decision to undergo a hair transplant procedure. Here’s a breakdown of the events that led to his suspension:

  1. Deceptive Injury Claim:
    • Aboubakar reported an injury to Besiktas, claiming it as a reason to avoid playing. Meanwhile, he made two additional trips to Paris for follow-up appointments related to his hair transplant, rather than visiting his sick wife in Cameroon as he had stated.
  2. Medical Advice Ignored:
    • The hair transplant procedure, which Aboubakar underwent during an international break, was reportedly against the club’s medical advice. Post-surgery, the doctor advised him not to head the ball for a month, which led to Aboubakar claiming an injury and opting for individual training instead of team activities.
  3. Discovery and Consequences:
    • Aboubakar’s third trip to Paris indicated that the treatment wasn’t recent. His absence from training raised suspicions, and upon discovery of his lie about his wife’s illness and the actual reason for his travels, Besiktas suspended him from the team.

abubakar hair transplant

The Aboubakar hair transplant has stirred also an ethical debate within the sports community. His agent, Pini Zahavi, refutes the claims and insists on a misunderstanding. Asserting Aboubakar’s imminent return to training. The club’s stance remains firm on the exclusion. The incident has sparked discussions on the extent to which personal medical decisions, such as a hair loss treatment for male pattern baldness, should intersect with professional obligations. Moreover, the hair transplant results have a potential impact on Aboubakar’s gameplay. Particularly his ability to head the ball has been cited as a contributing factor to the decision to exclude him from the team. Despite the minimal impact a hair transplant typically has little impact on athletic performance. The situation has brought to light the intricate balance between player rights and team expectations.

Impact on Performance and Team Dynamics

Vincent Aboubakar’s suspension due to the hair transplant controversy sent ripples through Besiktas, impacting the team in several ways:

  • Team Dynamics: Aboubakar’s unexpected absence likely disrupted the established chemistry within the squad. As a forward, his role was pivotal in leading attacks and scoring goals. The team necessitates a high level of coordination with midfielders and wingers. The void left by his suspension may have led to a reshuffling of positions and responsibilities.
  • Performance Impact: Without Aboubakar’s contribution on the field, Besiktas had to compensate for his 11 goals and 3 assists. This sudden gap in offensive power could have placed additional pressure on other players to perform. Possibly, this situation has an impact on the overall match outcomes and the team’s standing in the league.
  • Transfer Market Attention: Amidst the controversy, Aboubakar’s proven track record and leadership skills kept him in the spotlight, with other teams monitoring his situation. This external interest may have added an extra layer of complexity to the team’s strategy.

Despite these challenges, the club ultimately confirmed Aboubakar’s reintegration, suggesting that his professional standing and contributions outweighed the controversy. His denial of the hair transplant during the season and his impressive statistics served as a testament to his performance levels, reinforcing his value to Besiktas. The reevaluation of his situation by the club indicates that while the incident did stir trouble, it did not inflict lasting damage on his relationship with the team or his ability to perform on the pitch.

Aboubakar’s Response and Defense

In the wake of the swirling controversy, Vincent Aboubakar has taken a firm stance, vociferously denying the allegations of a mid-season hair transplant. His defence unfolds as follows:

  • Denial of Allegations: Aboubakar has been emphatic in his denial, stating categorically that any treatment for his hair was undertaken before the season started. This timeline is crucial as it negates the claims that his hair restoration efforts interfered with his professional responsibilities at Besiktas.
  • Warning of Legal Recourse: The Cameroonian striker is not taking the accusations lightly. He has issued a stern warning to detractors, cautioning that the propagation of false claims could lead to legal consequences. This response indicates his seriousness in clearing his name and preserving his reputation.
  • Potential Exit from Besiktas: The gravity of the situation is such that Aboubakar is contemplating an exit from the Turkish club. The tension has escalated to the point where his agent is involved, demanding a public apology from the club. This demand underscores the strain on the player-club relationship and hints at the potential for significant changes ahead.

Throughout this ordeal, the use of the Aboubakar hair transplant has been at the centre of discussions, with the player’s denial bringing into question the narrative around his hair loss treatment and male pattern baldness. The hair transplant results, a topic of much speculation, are now overshadowed by the unfolding drama and its implications for Aboubakar’s future with Besiktas.

Besiktas’s Official Stance and Actions Taken

Besiktas’s reaction to the unfolding events surrounding Vincent Aboubakar’s hair transplant procedure was marked by decisive action and public communication. The club’s official position and subsequent steps were as follows:

  • Initial Grant and Subsequent Exclusion:
    • Besiktas initially permitted Vincent Aboubakar to travel to Paris, under the pretence of visiting his ill wife. However, following revelations of his hair transplant procedure and the associated deceptive injury claim, the club officially excluded him from the squad. This exclusion was a direct response to the breach of trust and the player’s disregard for the club’s medical advice.
  • Reintegration Efforts:
    • Despite the controversy, there is an ongoing effort to reintegrate Aboubakar into the team. Besiktas is reportedly considering a ‘pardon’ for the Cameroonian striker, with both parties actively seeking a resolution that would allow him to rejoin the group and contribute to the team’s efforts on the pitch.
  • Public Announcement and Social Media Reaction:
    • Besiktas’s official announcement regarding the exclusion of five players, including Aboubakar, cited ‘poor performance’ and ‘incompatibility’ as reasons, particularly in the wake of a disappointing loss to Fenerbahçe. This statement quickly garnered significant attention on social media platforms, sparking discussions and reactions among fans and observers.

The club has had to balance the need to maintain discipline and the desire to retain a valuable player. The use of the Aboubakar hair transplant as a focal point in discussions reflects the broader implications of personal medical decisions on professional sports. The incident has also highlighted the importance of transparency and accountability within team dynamics. As well as the potential for reconciliation following disputes between players and management.


The saga of the Aboubakar hair transplant controversy has interwoven personal medical decisions with professional sports ethics. Shedding light on the delicate balance athletes must maintain between their health and their careers. Though the incident at Besiktas, it ultimately underscores the importance of transparency and mutual expectations.

As these discussions continue to shape the sports industry, they resonate beyond the pitch. Many sports fans live by facing similar challenges. For those grappling with a hair loss situation and seeking professional guidance, the expertise at BlueMagic Group International could make all the difference. It’s in tales like Aboubakar’s that we find broader implications and an ever-present reminder of the human element in professional sports.

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