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Does Hair Transplant Work For Afro Hair?

It is quite a common question that a lot of people ask, whether a hair transplant works for an Afro hair type. In fact, afro hair transplant is a widely utilized technique that people go for.

This type of hair transplant is one of the most complicated types of the FUE hair transplant process. It can give you a characteristic outcome and boost hair growth in regions where you might have recently started thinning up. 

Beginning your hair transplant journey can feel like an overwhelming task, and you might have an uncertain outlook on it. But its result is what you expect and more if done by the right specialist.

It tends to be challenging to know whether you have done what’s necessary examination regarding the matter, and therefore, it may very well be hard to know whether you are settling on the right choice in getting the technique. 

In this article we mean to give you all that you really want to be familiar with afro hair transplant in Turkey: from hair type to technique.

Is It Possible for People with Afro Hair to Get a Hair Transplant?

As mentioned earlier, Afro hair transplants work perfectly fine as any other hair transplant procedure. To better understand this, let’s get into the hair transplant procedure.

Generally, this transplant is more complicated than other hair transplants. This is because of the way that afro hair is twisted to the root. This can make it hard to extricate wavy hair follicles without removing them independently. 

Along these lines, it is vital that you have an expert clinic like BlueMagic Group available to understand your necessities and afterward go through the method to get the best results

Afro hair transplant in Turkey

If you have started learning about hair transplants, you might be acquainted with the term FUE hair transplant, also called a Follicular Unit Extraction. These kinds of hair transplants are a suitable choice for afro hair. This treatment requires extraction of hair from contributor regions at the back and sides of the head, which are then moved to the region of the scalp where it is required. 

Contrasted with Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), an FUE system can leave less apparent hair transplant scarring as the strategy includes eliminating individual hair follicles rather than a segment of the scalp. 

People with hazier skin will quite often be more inclined to keloid arrangement, so an FUE system will in general be the favored strategy. Therefore it is essential to pick the best hair transplant doctors in Turkey that you can trust.

Types Of Afro Hair

In order for you to understand how to treat and regrow your hair, you need to first identify the type of afro hair you have. The hair type is highly influential in the procedure for hair transplant.

Typically, your afro hair type will fall under different categories. The type of Afro hair depends upon the curl you have on your head. Let’s find out more about the types of afro hair.

  • Curly: Afro-curly hair can be prone to frizz, which can result in dryness, so it is advised that you deep condition your hair often.
  • Wavy: Wavy afro hair usually comes in different lengths or patterns of waves.
  • Straight: The afro hair with no waves or curls or any patterns is a straight afro hair type.

Experienced Clinics Are Necessary

It ought to be noted from the start that an FUE hair transplant including afro hair is a complicated procedure. Afro hair is altogether different from normal hair. This implies a hair transplant center offers you experience in performing the FUE treatment with this specific hair type.

Regardless of the distinctions in Afro hair, the FUE transplant methodology utilizes the very same procedure and simply requires a few extra measures to be taken.

This is where BlueMagic Group International, the best afro hair transplant clinic in Turkey, comes in. Be it any afro hair transplant, we excel in every technique to give you the most comfortable experience with the desired results.

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