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Female Hair Transplant Success Rate

With regards to the success rate of hair transplants for women in Turkey, it’s important to understand what ‘success’ signifies for different people who underwent a hair transplant. Every patient has different requirements and expectations and so the definition of ‘success’ may differ for everyone. For the same reason, our doctors set up customized plans and strategies for individual patients in light of their requirements and hair condition.

Practically all hair transplant surgeons take 90% as the least accepted limit. In any case, the ideal success rate of hair transplants goes from 95%-98%. The skills and expertise of the surgeon in using the latest technology tools and equipment determine a crucial part in deciding the success rate of hair transplants for women in Turkey.

Women who desire to have thick and normal hair pick a surgical hair transplant in light of the fact that it’s an everlasting solution.

It’s very obvious that when women invest in hair transplant treatment both financially and emotionally, they would like to know about the rate of success of the transplant. But before determining the success rate, you should consider a few important factors:

  1. You should wait until there is complete growth of the transplanted hair and then judge the success rate of hair transplantation.
  2. It’s likewise crucial to consider the experience and skills of the surgeon who is going to perform the hair transplant for women in Turkey. Furthermore, you should also consider the technology utilized for transplanting hair.
  3. Legitimate hair transplant surgeons don’t make false promises and always aim at working on realistic expectations.
  4. For a 100 percent success rate, personalized techniques and plans of recovery should be prepared at the time of hair transplant surgery for every patient.
  5. Aside from hair transplants, it’s likewise important to deal with hair fall and other hair-related issues.

Transplant Procedure Determines The Success Rate Of Female Hair Transplant In Turkey

Success Rate Of Female Hair Transplant In Turkey

Let’s dive in and see how the hair restoration procedure determines the success rate of  women’s hair transplants in Turkey:

  • Patients should ask and understand different methods and strategies for hair transplant in Turkey by talking with the surgeon and examining which technique can present them the best outcomes
  • The FUT strategy (Follicular Unit Transplant) has a success rate of 95-98% whenever done efficiently. Sometimes the success rate can come up to 100% because of the follicular grafts transfer
  • The FUE strategy (Follicular Unit Extraction) results in a little lower success rate of hair transplantation. It’s worth remembering that, it requires multiple sittings and sessions for successful outcomes on hair transplant
  • It has been observed in studies that the success rate of hair restoration surgery relies upon the development of hair implanted in the transplanted area, which is around 85-95%. Notwithstanding, a few patients fear rejection of the graft. But it should be kept in mind that when the FUE strategy is used for hair transplantation there are very less chances of graft rejection

Choose The Right Surgeon For a Hair Transplant

The choice of the surgeon for the best female hair transplant affects the success rate to a great extent. Despite the fact that most surgeons guarantee a 98% success rate, their abilities, experience, and technology they use can help you with choosing the right surgeon. Here are a few basic variables to be kept in mind before choosing a hair transplant surgeon:

  • An experienced and reliable surgeon will initially check and conclude whether you should go for a hair transplant or not
  • Assuming the surgeon says that the hair level at the donor site is sufficient, the individual can expect around a 95% success rate for the best female hair transplant in Turkey.
  • Before you decide, you should consult the hair transplant clinic in Turkey about their procedures and your current hair loss condition.
  • Keep in mind, if you are having too much hair loss, then probably there are fewer chances for a hair transplant. Along these lines, it’s always a wise decision to consult a surgeon when you are in the initial stage of losing hair.

Along with choosing the right surgeon and method, it’s also important to have a positive attitude and trust in the procedure and the surgeon. Also, your expectations from the hair transplant should be realistic.

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