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May 17, 2023 BlueMagic Group

Elon Musk Before and After Hair Transplant: The Journey from Bald to Bold

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, has become a household name due to his exceptional work in the fields of technology and space exploration. Apart from his professional achievements, he has also made headlines for his personal life, including his hair transplant journey. In this article, we will take a closer look at Elon Musk’s hair transplant, examining the before and after of his transformation.

Elon Musk: The Early Years

In his teenage years, Elon Musk’s hair was quite typical for most young men. He had thick hair across his scalp, with no obvious signs of a receding hairline. However, compared to his younger brother Kimbal, Elon’s hair did appear a little thinner across the forehead. It’s important to note that male pattern baldness can begin as early as adolescence, and it wasn’t long after this that Elon started to develop noticeable signs of hair loss.

The Late 90s: The PayPal Years

In the late 90s, when Elon co-founded online payment giant PayPal, his hair loss became more apparent. At this time, he was in his late 20s and had lost a significant amount of hair, particularly in the frontal region of his scalp. This hair loss is typical for men experiencing male pattern baldness and can be classified on the Norwood Scale, which highlights the seven stages of progressive hair loss. Elon’s hair loss appeared to be around Norwood stage 4 during this period, though the hair on his crown had not yet started to thin.

elon musk before and after

The Early 2000s: Hair Restoration Medication

In the early 2000s, there was a marked improvement in Elon’s hairline compared to the PayPal years. Experts, such as Dr. Michael May from the Wimpole Clinic, believe that this improvement was likely due to hair restoration medication like Minoxidil or Finasteride. However, by 2007, his hair had improved significantly, leading some to speculate that he had undergone his first hair transplant during this time.

2010-2020: Hair Transplant and Maintenance

Over the next decade, Elon’s hair remained relatively unchanged. However, it’s interesting to compare his upgraded hairline to that of his brother Kimbal, who experienced less significant hair loss despite being only two years younger than Elon. Although male pattern baldness is genetic, it does not always affect siblings in the same way.

Modern-Day Elon Musk Hair Transplant Results

In recent years, Elon’s hairline has become straighter and more even than ever before. As a result, surgical experts believe that he has undergone more than one hair transplant procedure. His hair now has excellent density, rivaling that of his original hair, and it looks incredibly natural.

Dr. May also believes that Elon continues to use hair growth medication to maintain his thick, full head of hair. Continuing with medical therapy treatments after a hair transplant is often recommended, as it helps protect DHT-sensitive hair follicles.

Analyzing Elon Musk’s Hair Transplant Procedure: FUE or DHI?

Although it’s not possible to definitively determine which type of hair transplant procedure Elon underwent, experts can make educated guesses based on his results. The two main types of hair transplant techniques are Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Direct Hair Implantation (DHI). Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages, but DHI has become increasingly popular due to its minimal scarring and quicker recovery time.

Elon Musk: A Good Candidate for a Hair Transplant

A suitable candidate for a hair transplant is someone with a sufficient, stable supply of donor hair area to cover the balding areas as well as any other areas that might lose hair in the future. Individuals over the age of 30 are particularly well-suited for hair transplants, as their hair loss patterns are usually well-established compared to younger patients. Elon had an ample supply of donor’s hair at the back of his head, making him an ideal candidate for a hair transplant.

Time Taken for Elon Musk’s Hair Transplant Procedure

FUE hair transplant procedures typically take place over several sessions, with each session lasting 3-4 hours. Spreading the transplantation over multiple sessions allows the visibility of the hair transplant to be concealed, which may explain why no one seems to have noticed any signs of a transplant in Elon’s case, despite his heavy involvement in public events throughout the years.

Benefits of Hair Transplant Procedures

Hair transplant procedures offer a permanent solution to hair loss, with several key benefits:

  1. Fewer graft transactions: Advanced hair transplant systems, like the ARTAS robotic system, offer better quality and healthier grafts with significantly fewer transactions compared to manually performed procedures. This means more predictable results and a quicker recovery.
  2. No linear scarring: Unlike FUE, the DHI process does not produce visible linear scarring that requires hiding later.
  3. Permanent solution: Many hair loss treatments cease to be effective if you stop using them. However, as long as you follow an appropriate maintenance routine, FUE and both DHI provide a permanent solution.
  4. Keep up with trends: Since the transplanted hair is your own and continues to grow, you can keep up with current trends by getting haircuts and styling your new hair as you please.

Celebrities and Hair Transplants: Other Notable Cases

Elon Musk is not the only celebrity who has undergone a hair transplant procedure. Other famous figures, including David Silva, Wayne Rooney, and David Beckham, have also sought hair restoration treatments to combat hair loss, opting for methods such as FUE and other advanced hair transplant techniques.


Elon Musk’s hair transplant journey demonstrates that even the world’s wealthiest individuals can face the challenge of hair loss and seek effective solutions. His transformation serves as an inspiration for others experiencing hair loss to consider hair transplant procedures as a viable option for regaining a full head of hair and boosting self-confidence. With advancements in hair restoration treatments and techniques, individuals suffering from hair loss now have more options than ever before to achieve the desired results and enhance their overall appearance.

If you are suffering from hair loss and are considering a hair transplant as a possible solution, you don’t have to go through the decision-making process by yourself. Hair transplant experts at BlueMagic Group Clinic are available to answer all your questions and provide you with a free medical diagnosis. Book a free hair transplant consultation here!

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